Sunday Summary // 06.03.2016

06 March 2016

Sunday Summary
This week has been eventful to say the least. I don’t think I can fully describe how terrible it has been, interspersed with good things. I will try to describe below.

This week began well, I got my new bed on Monday and it is so utterly stunning. I love the headboard, it has these beautiful crystal features to it and I just want to stare at it constantly. It is way taller than I expected though, once my perfectly soft new mattress (which is a bit firmer than I remember, but is probably good for me) was put on the base I realised my bed is as tall as my window sill. Who knew beds could be so tall? It means my laptop stand is too low for me to use now so I have been using my laptop a lot less (it’s a misnomer in the name, I hate having my laptop on my lap). I have a trip to Ikea planned in the next couple of weeks and I have found some shelves which would fit perfectly in my room which are the perfect height to keep my laptop on and my printer. I will tell you more once I have them and have assembled them.

After the joy of Monday, though, I went back to work and things went horribly wrong. I’d had texts that there was some work drama while I was off and things just blew up on Tuesday. One manager went to a meeting at another office and never came back. We were told about a restructure at management level and then we were told someone else had gone in another office. Everyone is pretty much in shock as the woman who has gone was lovely and I’m sad to see her go. The atmosphere has definitely been tense since then. Then rumours began swirling about an office move, which we were aware is going to happen, but the location everyone is currently whispering about is less than ideal for me. I can’t drive and have no strong urge to learn (I would be a terrible driver, I am both angry and absent-minded, it doesn’t exactly combine to sound like a good driver does it?) so if I can’t get there using public transport then I can’t go. I know, we all have to wait for an official announcement because rumours mean nothing without fact to back it up but it’s still annoying. I think it has just been a monumentally bad working week. I am one of those people that tends to shrug work off as soon as they get home, but this week is not one of the better ones.

Luckily, outside work has been much better. I read The Winner’s Kiss and want to hug it to my chest and cry that it’s over. I loved it so much and tried to delay finishing as much as I could. I went to a friend’s engagement party which was much more like a family party. It was incredibly fun to be an outsider to a family event, it’s so interesting to people watch, but it was incredibly awkward because everyone is trying to figure out who you are and you feel so out of place. It was fun and I spent far longer there than I thought. It was nice as I went with people from work and it was good to be able to relax and chat after the week we’ve had.

What I’ve Been Reading

I adored all of the books I’ve read this week. I began slowly, really savouring The Winner’s Kiss, but picked up the reading pace at the end of the weekend. I think it’s partly because it was really cold out. Who wants to go outside when you can hibernate under a blanket with a good book?

New To Me

I am not even going to attempt to justify all these books to you. Part of it is that I had an Amazon gift card for my birthday from people at work, so I bought As You Like It, The Bollywood Bride, Trial by Fire and the final two Never Never books. I had pre-ordered Kindred Spirits ages ago, as soon as it became available online because I knew that was going to be £1 well spent, but then it took forever to be delivered. Then every other book on this list was free. I did not pay a penny for them and I find it very hard to refuse a free book for my Kindle. I find it practically impossible in fact.

I know I’ve obliterated any progress I made in tackling my TBR pile… but I cannot apologise for it because I’m so excited by all these books.

Has anyone else found themselves just having one of those weeks? How do you tackle them? I am very much a buy lots of things and ignore the problem until it’s shoved in your face, but I’m a special case.
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