Reading Resolutions // Bookopoly

12 September 2016

Who says you have to start reading challenges only at the beginning of the year?
Hannah over at Broc’s Bookcase has started her own reading challenge inspired by the greatest of board games; the board game which has started many a family feud: Monopoly. The reading challenge is rather appropriately names Bookopoly and is meant to help you expand you reading horizons. Considering I’ve very much stalled in my reading challenges from the beginning of the year which were meant to help me read more widely I figured why not add another to the pile and join this one too?

So, the aim of the game? To try and get as many squares on the Bookopoly board as possible. It’s sort of like bingo, but with Monopoly. You can only use a book once and rereads count and all of this takes place between 1st September 2016 to 28th February 2017. That is plenty of time to get some reading done. The board is below and I will keep you updated on progress. Any suggestions for books for different squares is appreciated.
Bookopoly-Board-Fall-Winter-2016 (little)
Anyone else taking part in this reading challenge? I know I shouldn’t take more on but doesn’t it look like fun?
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