Sunday Summary // 18.09.2016

18 September 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome once more to a Sunday. I wish I could say what kind of Sunday I am welcoming you to, but I am currently writing this Friday night (with a couple of Saturday afternoon additions) so how am I supposed to know? I will say that I think it’ll be a pretty good Sunday, but I am sat reading the entire Kate Daniels series in the space of a few days so I will probably be reading when this goes up.

Workwise this has been a very tame week. There have been some annoyances of the usual kind (you’re never going to like everyone you work with and so you occasionally find yourself wanting to move office to avoid them but can’t) but I’ve had worse weeks. It was sad in some ways, one of the finance team has moved to another department (and she is thrilled) but it’s sad to see her go as she is one of the people I like at work. We can still see her, but walking a couple of buildings down to see someone isn’t always convenient.

The only other thing which has happened this week is a family meeting on Saturday with my second cousins and my great uncle about the care of my nan. My brother, my mom and I all went to see them because they are currently the people handling the money for my nan’s care and they wanted to have a lengthy discussion about it. They are all getting on in years and they wanted to make sure we got involved more with the financial side of things and confirming it was okay with us. It’s safe to say it was a very emotional talk about her wellbeing and what’s best to do for her but it makes complete sense for us to get involved now as we were far too young when everything first happened to do anything.

I may not have mentioned my nan too much on here before and it’s just because she suffered a stroke when I was 17 and has never fully recovered from it. She has been bed ridden for about the past 5 years after suffering a second stroke and she is very much adamant she wants no help despite being unable to speak and being unable to do much at all for herself. Obviously, we have ignored that completely, and have arranged care for her and have tried to help her as much as she will allow, but even when she can't talk or move her body that woman is stubborn as hell. She is a nightmare of epic proportions but she is my nan and we love her, even when she is refusing to acknowledge you're there after you've told her she see a doctor for a cough and she doesn't like it (seriously, she can't talk but the doctors have decided she is coherent enough to determine her own medical care? Don't even ask, the NHS be crazy).

What I’m Reading

What you may have noticed this week is that Nevernight has mysteriously disappeared from my list. No, I haven’t finished the book, but I am also not actively reading it at the moment. I’ve not admitted defeat and abandoned it but I think it’s safe to say my mood has decided not now on it because something wasn’t clicking. I liked everything about it but nothing was gripping me so I shall pick up again later. If you think you can convince me otherwise in the comments let me know.

Now, onto the books I have been finishing. I began reading the Kate Daniels series on Sunday looking for something good to read and I became utterly hooked. I have only split it up with a review copy in the form of Losing It and sadly I wasn’t in love with that, but it’s okay because I own the first six books in the Ilona Andrews books so I’ve got plenty to keep me quiet.

New To Me

Yes, I know, you don’t need to say it. I just stumbled across a lot of deals… and I discovered a series I had to keep reading. I won’t explain my Kate Daniels purchases, I will instead explain the rest.

Cogheart and A Torch Against The Night were part of this weeks Amazon book deal and both were on my Looking Forward post. I managed to get both for what I would have spent buying A Torch Against The Night and so I couldn’t say no. I purchased The Score because it was on offer for 99p (who can say no?). Then I completely blame my mom for me buying The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend and The Liar (which will be my first Nora Roberts book). I was hanging around waiting for her to finish up her shopping to go to my nan’s and I ended up at the book section of the supermarket. These books just jumped into my hands. I have a problem… I know. Then there were my three review copies: For Better Or Worse, Caraval and It Must Be Christmas. I am thrilled about all three, Caraval was one where I felt like flailing in excitement when I got emailed about it. And I am really looking forward to my little seasonal collection, It Must Be Christmas, it’s three short stories and I cannot wait to read them all (although I’ve already read Jennifer Crusie’s one) I’m excited about the rest and to get a seasonal review up for Christmas.

How has your week been? Am I alone in obsessively reading a series to catch up, even when it’s a bit pricey buying all the books? And, as always, please let me know what I should read next.
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