Sunday Summary // 11.09.2016

11 September 2016

Sunday Summary
People, how is it so far into September already? Where is the month going? I feel like it’s barely even started! I honestly don’t know how it’s the 11th already. I hate how time slips past so quick sometimes.

Anyway, onto my week. I returned to work once more and it’s been a very bland week at work. A new girl started (she’s nice) and we’ve had a conference on Wednesday where the owner of our company spoke to us about changes to the company, progress throughout the year and his plans for the future. It was quite nice. I am not the biggest fan of the owner as I disagree with his politics but he always comes across quite nice (even if he had some very ridiculous things to say about Donald Trump) and it was a nice morning away from the office. I think that’s how my week at work has been, nice. Although, it now feels a lifetime ago that I had my week off (why is that?).

Our walking challenge began at work  on Monday and despite having a team of ten we are very much not winning. We’re not even close we’ve managed to go over 100,000 steps in the first five days but that’s not exactly overwhelming when we’re aiming to reach 2 million is it? I blame the cheap pedometers they gave us for counting our steps, mine is getting chucked in the bin because I keep accidentally hitting the reset button and losing my step count. I’ve invested £20 in a Jawbone Up Move fitness tracker so I can attempt to stay fit once our challenge ends. I am liking it so far. I’ve been treating it as a challenge to walk more. When I leave the house I think I will walk places as opposed to catching the bus. I am continually trying to beat myself. I do think fitness trackers can help motivate you to get more active and I’m hoping this one will help me. I’ll keep you updated.

Outside of work I’ve not been up to much. I’ve not even managed to read one of the books I’ve gotten from the library. I did manage to have an awkward experience with a friend at the pub, though. I have a weekly catch up with one of my best friends and we go to see the same pub most weeks and chat about work, life and things. She was updating me about things happening at her work and we were gossiping about one of the guys she works with (as you do) and then, not half an hour later, he was there at the pub! If that wasn’t bad enough I felt obligated to ask if he wanted to join us (he was drinking alone at the pub, that’s just not acceptable). I didn’t think he would accept! We had to sit there for an hour awkwardly chatting and it was awful. I mean, what are the odds the person you’re gossiping about turns up? We never see anyone we know at the pub ever! We barely know people. It was an awful experience I don’t care to repeat anytime soon. I need your suggestions for a code phrase so this never happens again. We need to come up with a phrase to say which signals to the other we need to make a hasty exit and your suggestions would be appreciated.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve not done as much reading this week as last for obvious reasons. Turns out reading a book a day when you’re not working means you still have plenty of time to be social and such. Doing it when you’re working full time as well means you end up sitting alone getting very little human contact. I felt I probably needed some human contact so sacrificed reading.

I’m still reading Nevernight, to be honest, I’ve not read much of it this week. I am concerned I am going to be one of the people who don’t love it. I’m still liking it but there’s something missing and I’m a quarter of the way in… we’ll see. As for the rest? I’ve been on a contemporary reading kick. Turning It On was a fun romance but I definitely preferred the first Red Hot Russians book better. Something in Between was a fun YA that would have had a more powerful punch if the romance hadn’t taken centre stage. And Sustained? Well wasn’t that just a steamy hot romance? I enjoyed that one but none were exactly the books I was looking for and I don’t know what is.

New To Me

I’ve tried to be reserved in my new books. I only have four and I’ve already read one of them and one is a novella so hardly adding much reading time to my acquisitions. Exhume was my Kindle First pick of the month and The Alchemist’s of Loom was received on Netgalley and I’m excited to get reading.

How has you week been? Anyone else found themselves in an awkward situation trying to think of a subtle way to tell your friends you need to bail? And have you read a good book lately that you absolutely need to talk about? Tell all below.
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