Sunday Summary // 04.09.2016

04 September 2016

Sunday Summary
Another week is over and we are now into September. Am I the only one who feels like September is a second new year? It’s like you get a second wind for those new years resolutions you made so many months ago and suddenly you want to begin afresh again. I am aware this is very much linked to the school year and the fact that the beginning of September was formerly the beginning of a new year and a fresh start and my many years of education of ingrained this fact into my mind. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s nice to have that feeling of having a second chance at a fresh start and doing better with my plan for the year.

I have had the week off from work so I had every intention at the beginning of the week to get lots of blogging done and have a bunch of reviews and discussions typed up to get me all set up for the beginning of the month so I could have some of my weekend time back because Sunday’s are normally spent playing blog catch up. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Best laid plans and all that. Instead, I have spent a lot of time reading and avoiding my emails and blog feed. I am behind in everything and I feel bad but it was so nice to relax. I have been doing some TV watching and I did some shopping and I’ve just had some time off and it has been lovely. I don’t think anyone can fault me for that fact, it does mean I only have three posts left in my drafts, though (I had eight at one point and I felt smug and got too comfortable I think).

As I am writing this post it is currently pouring down with rain so I full on do not want to leave the house. I may hibernate under my covers. I am meant to be preparing for a little step challenge at work but I don’t see it happening. On Monday the challenge begins for me and my team to try and be the first ones to reach 2 million steps (yes, you read that right, million) and so I am meant to be walking everywhere, but I am lazy and can see me walking just some places. I’ll keep you updated. If we win we get £1000 to our chosen charity from our company so really no matter who wins is doing something good.

What I’ve Been Reading

As you can see, I have been a busy little reading beaver during my week of holiday. I mean, sure, one of the books I read was a novella of 130 pages (Double Play) but that still totally means I’ve read a book a day. I mean, novella day I went to the pub as well and did some actual socialising. I also have been watching a lot of TV. I think I’ve been very successful with my reading this week and I haven’t even read a bad book. Hex kept me awake dreaming about murderous witches (proving it’s a good horror book). I was completely in love with the rest of the Nadia Stafford series (seriously, Kelley Armstrong is so high up my favourite authors list right now it’s ridiculous considering I only discovered her books a few months ago). To Have And To Hold was such a good contemporary romance that filled me with fluffy feelings (which I now need to translate into a review!). Blood Kin was a book that helped remind my why I love fantasy romance books, I’ll be reading the next book very soon. And then back to some romantic fluff in the form of Overruled, which I enjoyed way more than I thought I would. As for Nevernight, I’ve not finished it yet but I’m liking it so far even if I’m not loving it yet, it's a bit a slow for my tastes right now. Fingers crossed it'll get better.

New To Me

I am amazed I managed to restrain myself buying more books. It happens at the beginning of every month when I have notifications come through of Kindle prices dropping and I really struggle to say no. I mean, Overruled and Sustained are completely blamed on the fact I need to stop listening to the Smart Bitches podcasts because they always, always end up convincing me to buy another book. The Nadia Stafford books are self-explanatory and have been read already. As for Arranged, I have had that book on my shelf for about three years (or it feels that way) and seeing as the price dropped to 99p I could hardly say no. I am of two minds on this book with an arranged marriage but I am going to read it as I am sure I added it to my Goodreads TBR for a reason, right? Acts of Love is proof I need to stop going in the book section at my local supermarket (it was £5 for a hardback and it’s so pretty!).

Then there are the free books. The books I got on Netgalley and the library. I actually was approved to read We Were On A Break last week and forgot about it so I am showing it now. I was emailed about reviewing The Bear and the Nightingale and I immediately said yes, have you seen that cover? I mean, it’s not out until next year but I am definitely going to be reading that soon. Go read the description as well, I need that in my life. The other, three? They’re from the library hopefully, I’ll manage to read them all before they have to go back.

How has your week been so far? Anyone else noticed it has strangely turned all autumn-y, I know I don’t like warm weather but still. And has anyone read anything good lately they want to rave about?
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