Sunday Summary // 09.04.2017

09 April 2017

Sunday Summary
Hello and welcome to the end of another week. Have you had a good week because I am in an amazingly good mood this week? I mean, it began a bit badly but it picked up by the end and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s because the sun has been out the past couple of days, I mean, it’s been warm enough to sit in the garden with a book and required sun cream! Sunshine definitely makes you a bit happier. Maybe it’s because I’ve just finished reading a good book which made me cry like a baby. It’s hard not to feel happy after having a good cry.

We moved office this week and it was something I was dreading. I definitely think the office move attributed to the blechness of the beginning of the week. Everyone was stressed because the move was so disorganised, our office manager was being no help and basically those in charge of the office move couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery so in the end when no one had organised moving anything to the new office we loaded up cars with boxes and drove to the new office in work time to move ourselves in. Turns out some of the departments who moved before finance had no system and couldn’t print when they got there so I suppose we should be grateful we even had desks when we got there.

I do think my new office is far nicer and a far better atmosphere than our last one. It still smells like fresh paint and we have an honest to go lunch room. We are all open plan and so it’s a lot less oppressive than the last one could be when someone was in a bad mood everyone felt it. There will be teething problems but we’ll see how it goes. Add in the fact I’ve been getting a lift into work the past few days and I’m feeling happy. I’ll see how it goes when I’m sat on public transport for 2 hours a day.

The only flaw in my new office is that I’ve not had time to read during my commute and then on my lunch, with the new lunch room I’m stuck chatting to people. I’m not complaining (mostly) but damn I miss my half an hour in the middle of the day to escape. Fingers crossed for next week.

As for non-work related life? I have finally seen Beauty and the Beast! It was fantastic, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but I cannot wait for the DVD release because I will be buying it. I adored the original so I was conflicted about seeing this but it was just as good as the original and it was a film all of its own. I recommend it to everyone, it was a win for Disney. I also had a fun night out at the pub, sometimes it’s fun to chat about everything and nothing and so I’m glad I did that.

And I ended the week with some warm weather. It has been 18°C here in the UK and so I’ve been sat outside in the sun getting too warm and potentially burning because I am pale and burn easily. It has been nice, though. It does mean I will be sore in the morning but I'll make the most of the warm weather while I can.

What I’ve Been Reading

32728258Goodbye Days
I said I haven’t had as much time to read and this is proof of this. I’ve finished just two books this week and I feel a bit bad, but then I’ve binge watching The Night Shift and been exhausted. With going out and doing other things something had to give, for me that was books. Maybe it’ll pick up next week.

New To Me

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I know, it’s bad when you’re new books outnumber your read books but it was one of those weeks where I saw good deals for books I have been wanting to read and couldn’t say no. Add in the fact Want To Play is me buying a book I’ve already read (and want to see if I still like it a second time around). I don’t feel bad because I’ve given up on feeling bad about the books I buy.

How has your week been? Anyone else find life getting in the way of their reading? And has anyone else had some nice weather to enjoy lately? It’s always nice when a touch of summer comes early.
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