Sunday Summary // 30.04.2017

30 April 2017

Sunday Summary
I bring you this Sunday Summary on a Sunday… I almost moved it to Saturday so I could have my monthly post on the last day of the month… then I decided a wrap up in May instead would be fine. I’ll just mix up my usual blog routine.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy hectic week. I was out Tuesday seeing friends after work (at the pub, yes, they recognise us there and I have no shame) but I left early from that because I was tired. I then was out with work on Thursday. We had a launch party for our new office at a bar in Birmingham. It was all paid for and a girl was leaving from my department the next day so a couple of us decided to use it as her leaving drinks. Let me tell you, never attend something where you get free drinks. You feel a strong need to always say yes to another drink and end up going to a club on a school night and staying out until 3am. I got 2 hours sleep and was sat at my desk Friday morning dying a little inside. I’ve never attempted going to work after a night out and I wouldn’t recommend that experience again. It was a laugh, though, and I’m glad I went. It was insanely fun even if I only stayed as late as I did because you don’t leave drunk work friends out in the city alone. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the hangover that killed me, either. I hardly had one, it was the lack of sleep that made me want to die. I was surprisingly productive if a little short with folks.

After all that rowdiness I’ve not been doing a whole lot of reading, both blog reading and book. I am catching up this weekend, though, as it’s a bank holiday. I got myself 10 hours sleep Friday night to make up for my late night Thursday and I am all prepared to sit in my pyjamas and just read everything. I need the relaxation as next week is the beginning of a new month and we’ve officially closed our other offices and are taking on all their work. Work will be crazy and I’ll need the break. Especially as someone else has handed in their notice, she’s worked there for a long time though and she has a job offer to be paid more with less hours and more holiday and it’s closer to home. I begrudge no one for leaving in those circumstances. It will leave us with too much work and not enough staff, though. Hopefully, it will work out alright. If not, well, you’ll get see the drama unfold each Sunday so keep you’re eyes peeled.

I have to say, I don’t know if you guys really care about these life updates of mine but I enjoy sharing them. It also is nice to talk about stuff which isn’t the awful state of the world and how I am fed up we’re having another general election in the UK and I hear people saying Theresa May is the most popular prime minister and I’m thinking really? The woman has gone back on basically everything she’s said ever. I should be happy we have another female prime minister but all I think is that she honestly has no political position she is happy to stick to and comes out with stupid comments like ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ when it comes to Brexit and all you can think is ‘really, Theresa May, that is the stupidest thing you’ve said ever’ but people eat it up. Just, ugh, I am disillusioned with politics and I want to hide under a rock for about ten years and let the stupid blow over (or get worse).

What I’ve Been Reading

3326017225068467The One Real Thing31451205
This week began as a slow reading week. It took me near enough 5 days to finish Uprooted and that was a reread. I liked It Happened on Love Street but since I was quite looking forward to that romance it ended up being almost disappointing. It was sweet and made me laugh at weird things and puppies! So, there is that. I began my reading of the weekend with The One Real Thing and let me tell you, this will not be the last Samantha Young book I read. It was so good! Why did I wait 6 weeks to finally start reading this library book? I then got in reading Never Trust A Pirate, which was a crazy quick read for me and so much fun. Will it stay in my memory? Maybe not, but I had a great time while it lasted.

New To Me

A Conjuring Of LightThe Last Herald MageFlat Out LoveHow to Flirt With A Naked WerewolfThe Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires26037638
I know, considering I’ve been out of the house a lot this week I’m not sure how I found so many new books. I did, though. I managed to stop myself buying all of Molly Harper’s books when they went on sale at 99p… barely. I just got a kindle edition of How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf as I borrowed a copy a while ago and enjoyed it and got The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires. I may regret that decision, but they are still on offer. I could back for them all and it wouldn’t come to much more then a tenner. Ugh, why is it payday time when I feel rich? I did also get the next Lucky Harbor collection, this is volume 3 and I am determined to have all the books in that series. Jill Shalvis brightens any bad day.
Spandex and the CityThe Forever HouseDuke with benefitsWhen Dimple Met RishiCome Sundown
I also have a few new review copies to get started on. I don’t know which to begin first. I mean, they all look so good. Spandex and the City was a bit of an impulse but if it’s as good as it sounds I know I'll have might a right decision. I loved the last Veronica Henry book I read so when I was emailed about it I had to say yes. I’ve got a review scheduled for next month so I will be reading this very shortly. I know I had a lot of doubts about the first book in the series by Manda Collins so you may be questioning my having the second book… I am always willing to give a second chance so hopefully it’s better than the first. I’ll let you know. I basically squealed when I got approved for When Dimple Met Rishi so you know I cannot wait to get reading that. And Come Sundown, I cannot wait. I may have only read one Nora Roberts book so far but this sounds like a fantastic read I cannot wait to start.

Anyway, how has your week been? Please tell me all and tell me which book to begin first because I am bad with choices.
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