Sunday Summary // 16.04.2017

16 April 2017

Sunday Summary
Happy Easter! At least those who celebrate it. For everyone else Happy Chocolate Egg Day (that’s what I like to celebrate).

It’s been a slower week blogging wise for me. You may have noticed I only had two posts up and I am way behind on comments and I really need to catch up on blog reading but I’m enjoying taking it a little slower for the past week. Hopefully, a little time away will recharge my batteries. I have plenty I want to say but I’ve not got the same motivation to stay up late to get it all done.

As for real life? It’s been a strange week. Our office has now got everyone moved in from all of the offices who will be merging here. It has meant it’s been louder in the office, busier in the kitchen, and it’s strange to finally put faces to names when I’ve been emailing and calling these folks for a while. It’s meant that going to work kind of feels like going to a new school as you see all these strange faces about. It’s a very weird feeling but I’m getting used to the new office at least. I am nervous about the fact I will finally be getting public transport to work next week. I’d been getting a lift from someone on my team but she’s on holiday next week so I must finally brave the longer commute, at least there’ll be time for reading! I just think this new office makes me feel like I’ve started a new job and I’m still figuring out my routine. I should be settled by the end of the month, I hope.

I had my first experience of getting my nails done this week, as well. A friend bought me a gift voucher to have gel nails done at the salon she goes to for my birthday. She arranged an appointment for me so I had to be brave and let a stranger do my nails. I was a little less than gracious about the gift when I got it as it really, really is not my kind of thing. I avoid getting my haircut because I don’t like small talk so why on earth would I want to sit for an extended period of time getting my nails done? At least with a haircut you don’t really need to make eye contact. Thankfully, it was quite nice. I will probably never pay to get my nails done again apart from a really special occasion but it was nice. I now have pretty purple gel nails that are a perfect shade for spring. It’ll just be hell waiting for them to grow out.

What I’ve Been Reading

The RookThe Coldest Girl in Coldtown182708462223799321112814
I’m quite pleased with my reading this week. I enjoyed The Rook, although it took me way longer to read than expected. It was a really interesting fantasy world which was kind of like a cross between X-Men and Mi5. It was totally cool and I will read the second book eventually. I also got around to reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown, a book I was excited about being released and took years to finally read. It was an excellent take on the vampire genre. It was both a love letter to the genre without romanticising the fact that vampires are killers. I mean, they drink blood, they can’t really be all good. And then I finally began the reread of Paula Weston’s Rephaim series this weekend which I’ve been wanting to do ever since Nick posted her reviews of them. I mean, this series! I love it so bad.

New To Me

To Sir With Phillip With Love738 DaysSleepless in ManhattanSunset in Central Park3299422126047680
I feel like I justify my purchases every week and really, I am happy with them so no justification necessary. I got a whole bunch more free books but I won’t include those because those will fill a page. Especially as I may not read them. I literally just see free book, especially free book from a big name author and I can’t say no. I mean, I got Sunset in Central Park free and a bunch of others, it’s impressive. I gave in to buying 738 Days because I’d been thinking about it for a while. I figure why not buy the paperback? And my newest Julia Quinn book was used so that was pretty cheap. I’m a huge fan of second-hand books. And Under her Skin was 49p for Kindle, who can say no to that? And Burn had to be bought as I’m reading the series again and I really want physical copies (yes, I am weird like that).

Am I the only one who sees the word free and wants something? I can’t be the only one hoarding free books for Kindle? And how has your Easter been? Anyone got anything interesting or done anything interesting?
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