My Blogging Problems // How Long Until You Put An Unfinished Draft Out Of It’s Misery?

26 May 2017

My Blogging Problems
Welcome to another discussion post presented by me. I haven’t had a nice discussion in a while and I intended to have a different post up about how I am getting far too free and easy with my Netgalley requests… but then I realise I had something far more important to talk about.

We need to talk about how long you leave a post languishing in your drafts before you accept it isn’t getting up there on your blog?
I ask this question because currently I have many a heading typed out and a few key points written up for some posts which sit gathering dust only to be forgotten about. And that’s not even counting the reviews I’ve copied over from my Goodreads all ready to be edited and posted on my blog that get to spend three or six months for me to get my butt in gear. I don’t know why I do this. It may be because I have a short attention span. Or it might be that I get distracted with my enthusiasm for some new idea that takes over. Sometimes, it’s simply that I can’t be bothered adding in the images and hyperlinks and the usual business I like to have on a post and so I think ‘I’ll do that later’ only to not go back to it.

Now, I can’t be alone in this lazy habit of mine, right? I cannot be the only one who gets distracted by a sparkly thing. Or who finished a post and rewards themself with a good internet browse only to not go back and finish off that post ready for adding into the queue. Please, tell me I’m not alone!

Now, I know I do this and so I have a lot of unfinished drafts. Apart from comforting me that I’m not the only person hoarding unfinished drafts I also want to know how long you leave it there unfinished? Do you have a time limit before you go ahead and delete them? Or do you finish every draft you have? I’m curious because I’ve recently gone through and gotten rid of a few, and you will have noticed this week I also went and published a few. I am trying to tidy up my drafts folder. Whilst it’s nice to have a couple of half-finished posts to fall back on it also means that sometimes a post misses being posted at the right time when it felt most current to me. It means that sometimes when I had a theme in mind for my week of blog posts I instead end up posting that discussion which links to my reviews three months later and it feels a bit out of place. Basically, it may be nice it does have it’s downfalls and often I never end up going back to the posts and so they just sit there languishing until I put it out of it’s misery and delete it.
How long do you leave a book unfinished in your drafts? Do you have a limit to how long it stays before you abandon it? What system do you use for your blog drafts? Do you even have a system?
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