Sunday Summary // 14.05.2017

14 May 2017

Sunday Summary
Yay to another week gone. I mean, not yay in one sense because my time is passing far too fast, but also yay in another. I’m strange.

I can’t say I’ve been interesting at all this week. The highlight of my week has been planning a night out with my BFF as she really needs the chance to let loose with the stress of buying a house and some family drama going on we are going to have a fun night out and relax whilst dancing our troubles away.

We also have a few new faces arriving in our office over the next few weeks. The first arrived on Thursday and she seems really nice. As I’ve barely spoken to her I can’t form too much of an opinion but I’m optimistic she’ll do well. Fingers crossed the other couple are just as good. But, they are coming because one of my colleagues is leaving. I’m really sad to see her go as she has been the person who I’ve worked with the longest and we get along so well but she does have an offer on a really good position which is a bit more local for her so I can’t fault her for going. It’s not like most who leave after a few months. I’ve been busy planning on what to get her as her leaving gift and I have come up with the best plan! I will take photos for next week so you can appreciate the thought and planning which went into this. I have a theme and everything and it will be hilarious. Hopefully, she’ll appreciate it.

I also made the decision to go away with my mom this year. I haven’t been away properly for a few years now and my mom has been grumbling she wants a beach holiday for a while. I’m not really one for sunning myself on a beach (I am pale, me and sun don’t mix well) but I decided screw it. I want a holiday and she wants to go to a beach, holiday partner sorted. We have no clue where we're going but I have a week booked off in September and I’ll have a slightly later sun holiday because I deserve that. I may have to think about doing some exercise before then so I will at least look slightly toned at the beach. Good exercise suggestions for toning up would be appreciated.

What I’ve Been Reading

27074515Six of CrowsSpandex and the City31366516
I took a long time about reading The Dark Days Club and Six of Crows, I know. It was really quite a slow reading week all things considered. I mean, I finished Dark Days at the beginning of the week, fitted in Spandex and the City (which is fun… but it’s missing something as well). And then I didn’t finish Six of Crows until Friday night! I know. I’ve been slacking. I’m now doing a buddy read of The Dark Days Pact with Danya so that’ll be on the list for another week as well.

New To Me

DeeperAll Played Out
Check out who has been a calm and restrained book shopper this week! Oh yes, just two books purchased and I am so excited for both. I blame Deeper on Nick as she mentioned in her Sunday post last week and I’ve had it on my radar for a little while anyway. And then All Played Out went on offer and I’ve been wanting to read it forever so I couldn’t say no really. Apart from that, no other books have been purchased. Check me out!
Thirteen Reasons WhyThe Goblins of Bellwater
I did get two ARCs on Netgalley as well. As soon as I saw Thirteen Reasons Why I knew needed to grab it whilst I could as it’s been on my TBR for a while. I’ve heard mixed things and I really want to throw in my two cents by having an informed opinion. Also, everyone told me to watch the TV show on Netflix so I will. And The Goblins of Bellwater just sounded so interesting. I mean, it may be terrible but I’m hoping not, not with a cover that pretty!

So it’s been a slow week and I’m glad of it, how have your weeks been? Anyone got good suggestions for a nice September beach holiday? Do people have their own holidays planned? Tell me things.
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