Sunday Summary // 07.05.2017

07 May 2017

Sunday Summary
This week has been… well… it’s been. I don’t know what to say. It began well with it being a bank holiday weekend (who doesn’t love those?) and so I really enjoyed relaxing. I didn’t even leave the house over the weekend I was relaxing that much. But then I had to go back to work and I know this month is going to be stressful so there was that slight feeling of dread. I like how busy we are as there is nothing better than having a bunch of work to focus on and plan to do but I really do just want a calm month. Just once this year.

A highlight of my week was the pub (I know, when is it not lately?) but it wasn’t so much the pub it was seeing my bestie and just having fun. We walked in and the place was empty! It was such a rarity to have it be empty. We had out pick of tables and chatted with the bargirl about a long distance race she has coming up and whether she plans to do it. We then sat catching up and ended the night crying with laughter over that faceapp thing you can get where you make yourself old or young or male or whatever as we had the best pictures. We ended up having to leave we were crying so much. Hers was great for being male as it randomly gave her one ear which stuck out a no facial hair whilst I just look like I should work in IT and possible be balding and have a paunch. My pictures are below. It’s a strangely fun app. Forgive my very unhappy original photo. Also, yes, I know female is weird when you are female but we wanted to see what it would do… it just gives you more obvious makeup.
Apart from hysterical laughter over nothing, it’s been a much calmer week than last week. I did find out my favourite bar which shut down has been taken over and reopened so yay! Hopefully, the new owners will be just as good as the last ones. It really was a fantastic bar and I can’t wait to go back.

What I’ve Been Reading

Labyrinth10485751The Forever House27074515Six of Crows
This week began with my DNF-ing one of my Last Chance Books. I gave it a fair shot. I got over 100 pages in and I was bored. I kept waiting for a hint of action or something interesting to happen but all there was was a girl in love with her husband who was cheating on her because he’s a dick. Not exactly fun reading. Luckily, I did begin reading The Winter King straight after and that is a good book. Brilliant even. I will be buying everything C.L. Wilson has ever written just so you know. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Forever House as well. I knew I’d like it after my last Veronica Henry book was such a hit but I didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy it. Isn’t it great when a genre surprises you? I also began rereading The Dark Days Club this week as I have The Dark Days Pact on my shelf. I remembered the slow start but it isn’t as slow as I remember, that may be because I’m reading at a slower pace this time, though.

New To Me

The Understatement of the YearThe Midnight QueenHow the Duke was WonThe Hundredth QueenThe Pact
For some reason, I always get more books at the beginning of a month than any other time. I think it may have something to do with those monthly Kindle sales but I don’t like to point fingers. There were two freebies in this haul, though. The Hundredth Queen is my Kindle First book of the month and The Pact was going free on Amazon and who can say no to free romance?
Blacktie Optional
Just one new review copy this week. Black Tie Optional hooked me with the fake marriage angle also, the publisher posed it as being one for fans of rom-coms and the film The Proposal (oh Ryan Reynolds, how I love you so). Basically, there was no way I could say no.
Captive PrinceCrooked KingdomEvery Little ThingSimon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda
And finally, I took a trip to the library. Some might say I don’t need library books with the number i have to read above… but I laugh in their face and ask where they get such farfetched ideas from. Library books are free so who cares how many I borrow? I had to go, anyway. I both need to read Becky Albertalli’s first book after loving Upside of Unrequited. But also, I found out that my library as the first book in the Captive Prince trilogy and I need those books in my life (if I love the first I’ll treat myself to Kindle copies of the other two). I just like books and I can’t wait to get reading.

And that is my week. A bit more sedate than last time but still perfectly enjoyable. I will go now and absorb myself in Sims playing (I’ve been inspired by Kristen… I may even reinstall Sims 3) when I should be replying to blog comments and catch up on reading for the past 5 days. Have a good week and tell me all the things below.
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