Sunday Summary // 03.09.2017

03 September 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday and the first Sunday of September! Where is the time going you guys?

It is just one week until me and my mom are going away so this week has been all about the holiday prep. It was actually a bank holiday weekend last weekend so I had Monday off of work and I decided to treat myself and I booked the Tuesday and Wednesday off as well. I spent the start of last weekend helping with cleaning, decorating, assembling new furniture and basically helping out with the new living room which we have yet to move into because we keep finding things which need painting! Hopefully, that will be finished before I go away. The rest of my time off was spent shopping and reading and it’s been lovely. I even registered at the doctors! I’d been meaning to do this forever because I knew I needed to change doctors so it was close by but I am the procrastination queen and put it off… for years! I finally did it though and was pleased to be informed I’m about 1kg under my ideal weight (I was expecting to be told to lose a little) and my blood pressure is good! Yay for good health.

I didn’t blog all that much during my time off and as my discussion post said this is because I’ve felt like I’ve been falling behind in all aspects of blogging so I wanted to take the time to figure out what I would and wouldn’t spend time on and I was I was going to focus. I think I’ve come up with some good ideas and I’ll get some reviews written this week so I will be sorted for a couple of weeks of posts. I will be taking a hiatus whilst I’m away, though, guys. I don’t want to come back to a bunch of comments on posts I’ve scheduled and spend my time catching up on things when I’m back so my holiday will be just that. I think a week off will do me good and my blog should survive that long without me. Don’t worry, you’ve got a week of me yet.

I have to say, outside of holiday things I’ve not done all that much. Seen friends and that. The usual. I don’t even have hilarious work stories for you as I was only in two days. You’ll have to put up with my barely there update. I did buy myself some Harry Potter socks from Primark when I was shopping, though! And Wonder Woman pyjamas. Guys, I know how to get crazy.

What I’ve Been Reading

33854876Silk is For SeductionHortense and the ShadowEvery Heart a DoorwayThe NaturalsKiller Instinct
I have been on a reading roll this week! It helps that I had time off of work so I’ve nothing but time to read (when I wasn’t busy doing other things). I think it helps I’ve been in the mood to read, though. I adored Wintersong, I picked it up last Sunday and I just got swept away in that book. It’s stunning, why did I wait to read it? Why? It was a five-star read and I need the next book now! I thought I fancied more romance after that so began Silk is for Seduction, I didn’t but I still enjoyed it. I now need to read the rest of the Dressmakers books to ensure they are just as good. I decided to read the picture book I accidentally got off of NetGalley and that book was so sweet. I am a fan of the art in it even if the story wasn’t totally amazing (it’s a picture book, I don’t know what I expected). I read Every Heart a Doorway and I will be continuing the Wayward Children books and I need to read more by Seanan McGuire. As for The Naturals series? Wow, I may hate the love triangle but I have been totally sucked into these quick and easy to read books, I will binge all 4 books just try and stop me (although the last two will be on my Kindle and I hate switching format part way through a series).

New To Me

32314754Destination ThailandThe Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueEliza and her Monsters
I did treat myself to a few books this week. The Kindle version of The Hating Game is 99p (or was) and so I figured I’d need to reread at some point (it’s one of those NetGalley books I read and then didn’t review, silly me). Destination Thailand was a freebie which I figured might be a good plane read for me. And since I got all the stuff done I needed to (apart from getting my hair cut) during my time off I treated myself to both The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and Eliza and her Monsters, I’m not totally sure when I’ll be reading either but I’m excited!
East in ParadiseAcceptanceA Jigsaw of Fire and Stars
I forgot to list my ARCs last week so this two weeks worth of books (not that there are so many, I’m just saying). I am so psyched to read East in Paradise (that’s my next read after my Naturals binge read). I loved North To You so fingers crossed this second book is as good. Acceptance I got as I liked the sound of it from the post Nicole and Feed Your Fiction Addiction did and she passed on my name to the author. It will be another plane read for me and it’s got mythology in it! I love mythology. And finally, we have A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars. It sounds like a great read set in Europe with some magical realism going for it. Fingers crossed it’s as good as the cover makes it seem.

How has your week been? Anyone else found a really good book they couldn’t put down?
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