Sunday Summary // 24.09.2017

24 September 2017

Sunday Summary
Hi guys! I’m back, You’ve probably seen my name cropping up in comments again, I got back off my holidays on Monday. I walked into my house at 2am and was both wide awake and exhausted. I had a great break. I sat and read lots and really had a great time away. I was surprised how much I both did and didn’t miss blogging. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? I missed the comments and reading the posts and writing posts but I also didn’t miss the stress I put on myself. I am quite a chilled person and so when I was taking a planned break from blogging I definitely noticed that I felt far more chilled not blogging and I realised I was obviously putting more pressure on myself than I realised. I’m back now, though. I am not going to stress myself out and I will blog as and when I can and I’m so excited to get back to it. I really did miss writing posts, I found myself thinking of lots o posts I wanted to write when I got back. Let’s hope I remember everything I wanted to say.

I thought I’d be back sooner than this but then figured I’d focus on catching up on blog reading. I mean, I mostly caught up on Monday but then I thought I’d focus on writing posts in advance for next week and then just have this nice Sunday post which is really the past three weeks (I think). It’s totally crazy, I’ve basically been gone most of September when I think about it.

So, I’m trying to think of everything which has happened while I’ve been gone. I spent time seeing friends before I went on holiday. I had a very lovely meal with some folks from work and an old member of the team, we went to this really great Indian restaurant near me and I really enjoyed it. They do really great food and the folks there are really friendly as well. I also saw one of my friends and helped her with a DIY project she has going in her new house. She’s attempting to create a distressed look on her bed frame and I think we sort of figured it out but I went on holiday before I could see the finished result.

Obviously, I’ve been on holiday. I went to Cyprus for a week with my mom and we had a lovely relaxing holiday. We didn’t do loads but I kind of like that. We spent a day or two by the pool but we couldn’t spend too much time in the sun in the middle of the day because it just got too warm. We also went to the beach a couple of times and can I just say how nice that was. I live in the middle of the UK so the nearest beach is about a 4-hour drive or something stupid so I get excited every time I see the sea. And the sea was so blue! And it was warm! Mostly, though, we read. I think I get my reading habits from my mom because we read a whole lot. I read 8 books while I was away and she read 12 and it was brilliant. The best part was we went out to eat each night, I ate a whole lot and I had so many delicious meals without having to walk too far from my hotel room. We also found this really great bar which did a lot of different cocktails so I drank a lot of cocktails during my week away. Like a whole lot.

I was glad to return, though. I missed my bed and I really missed feeling cold and wearing jumpers. I wouldn’t cope well permanently living in a warm place, I think. I was impressed I came back with a vague tan (I am very pale so the fact I came back without sunburn was a huge success for me).

Sadly, when we came back me and my mom found out my stepdad’s mom had been rushed to hospital the day of our flight which obviously put a dampener on things. She’s ok, she’s up and about again now and seems to be alright. It was just one of those terrible things to come back to.

Once I was back I was straight back to work and I feel exhausted. We’re behind on work (again) and so it was all about playing catch up as soon as I walked through the door. It was the same when it came to blog catch up as well, I still need to reply to comments and my grand return to blogging may get delayed another week because my laptop is giving me grief. I booted it up when I got home and the screen is dying! I think it’s a loose connection or a faulty wire with the screen connection but I’m annoyed because it means I need to get a new one and I was hoping to be able to put off getting a new laptop for another few months. I could see a purchase on the horizon but I hate being pushed into doing things. Hopefully, I’ll get a new one and get it all set up reasonably fast but we’ll see. I’ve basically spent my days outside work reading up on laptops and figuring out what I’m looking for.

What I’ve Been Reading

All InBad BloodEast in ParadisefirebloodAcceptance18192717The SilkwormCareer of EvilThe Wall of Winnipeg and MeTrustWhen It's RealDear AaronKultiUnder Locke
Guys, I have been reading all the books! I have so many reviews to come and a new favourite author. It was really a good few weeks of reading. As you can see, it’s been a pretty good three weeks of reading. I am impressed with myself and I am proud. I went through a mystery phase and then while I was away I could feel a book hangover threatening as I read the three Cormoran Strike books and adored them so I immediately turned to the romance I’d loaded my Kindle up with and I fell head over heels for Mariana Zapata. I will religiously reread her books, there were awesome. The only miss of her books so far has Been Under Locke and that was more of a me thing, I’m not the biggest fan of motorcycle gangs and I didn’t fall for Dex like I thought I might (he was way cuter in his Kulti cameo). Kulti, Wall of Winnipeg and Dear Aaron, though, I had the silliest grin on my face reading those by the pool.

New To Me

All InBad BloodHunting GroundThe Wall of Winnipeg and MeTrustWhen It's RealDear AaronAfterlifeNorthern LightsThe Subtle KnifeThe Amber SpyglassKultiUnder LockeLingusRhythm, Chord & MalykhinWait for It
I feel no shame in my purchases, I bought a whole bunch of Kindle treats to ensure I stayed entertained whilst away and I read a few of them, but not as many as my spending would make it seem I planned to. And, some of these were bought while I was away or during Kindle deals because being in a foreign country is not enough to curb my spending, yay for no roaming charges!). I bought Mariana Zapata’s entire back catalogue (obviously). And a couple of other books. As a whole, it wasn’t obscene amounts of spending but with me getting a new laptop (hopefully) I will be trying to not buy too much because this was not what I was expecting to be paying out. Good job I’ve just gotten myself a whole heap of books, isn’t it?

And that is my time away. I hope to be about next week but I might not have as many posts up as I hoped because technology is against me. How has everyone been while I was away? Anyone got books they absolutely must recommend?
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