25 September 2017

Fireblood // My Expectations Were Low But It Wasn’t Terrible

Published: 7th September 2017
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
My Rating:
In this action-packed sequel to Frostblood, the future of Ruby's world and a court ruled by the love of her life depends on the uncovered secrets of her past. Perfect for fans of Red Queen and Throne of Glass.

Against all odds, Ruby has defeated the villainous Frost King and melted his throne of ice. But the bloodthirsty Minax that was trapped inside is now haunting her kingdom and everyone she loves. The answers to its demise may lie to the south in Sudesia, the land of the Firebloods, and a country that holds the secrets to Ruby's powers and past....

Despite warnings from her beloved Arcus, Ruby accompanies a roguish Fireblood named Kai to Sudesia, where she must master her control of fire in a series of trials to gain the trust of the suspicious Fireblood queen. Only then can she hope to access the knowledge that could defeat the rampaging Minax - which grows closer every moment. But as sparks fly in her moments alone with Kai, how can Ruby decide whom to trust? The fate of both kingdoms is now in her hands.
I was wary going into this one for a lot of reasons. I enjoyed but didn't love Frostblood so I obviously had a few doubts about the sequel, Fireblood. The mere fact the summary implied there was a love triangle didn’t help matters at all. I may not have been head over heels for the romance, but I did like it in that first book so I didn’t want some interloper ruining things for me.

In the first book, the romance bothered me some. I didn't feel like the characters had spent enough time together to feel as strongly for one another as they did. In this second book, I really believed the passion between Arcus and Ruby far more, even if they do spend a lot of the book apart. That pleased me. I think I could feel they had a connection even if they had a few miles between them. Maybe the romance was just written better, I don’t know. I think it helped that the time they did spend together there was a fire between them and they obviously cared for one another. Arcus was adorable throughout and even when he was a jealous belly he was still sweet.

The third point to this love triangle was newbie Kai. I thought I would hate him on principle but he was actually a good character. Whilst Arcus was reserved (on the outside anyway) Kai was impulsive and flirty and just the opposite of Arcus (obviously because the two in a love triangle are always opposites) but they were similar as well. Both were acting for the best of those around them. They cared for Ruby in their own way and were looking to prevent harm coming to her. Kai wasn't a bad guy and I think once I got past the forced love interest feel I really liked him.

The story was still no more standout in YA fantasy but it was enjoyable. I won't reveal the plot but the journey and trials in Sudesia were easy to read even if they lacked originality. I sped through the story and whilst I rolled my eyes at the progression of the whole prophecy and at the reveals which were so obvious I did enjoy myself.

I admit to skimming the book at times as the story did feel a bit stale but I will still be checking out the next book if I get a chance because whilst it lacks originality it does kind of suck you into the story. And Blake is skilled at killer cliffhangers too.

Anyone else found themself continuing a series when the book summary has left them with doubts? Anyone else read this, what did you think?

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