Sunday Summary // 04.02.2018

04 February 2018

Sunday Summary
Guys, how are we in February? Like, how did that even happen? I am so shocked at how fast the start of this year has gone and considering last year flew by I am not ready for this year to go by as fast last year (except I also am).

This week has been a much, much slower week. We’d finished the hard stuff at work so this week dragged until the new month began. It didn’t help that it’s been a very long wait for payday as well. The new month and payday both arrived, though, and it was beautiful. I did a little shopping (clothes, not books) and basically spent way too much money all things considered. But that was pretty much the highlight of my week.

Unusually, I am writing this up on Friday night as I am busy Saturday. I have agreed to go for cocktails with some folks from work which inevitably lead to a little dancing before I got home well past my bedtime and snuggle up with the dog. It’s meant to be a mix of a couple of birthdays and because I missed out on the Christmas party so it should be fun. Even if I am far too tired Sunday because of it.

What I’ve Been Reading

10. Fables Vol 2 Animal Farm11. Fables Vol 3 Storybook Love12. The Wedding Date
So, not so many normal books this week but I am enjoying continuing rereading Fables. I actually don’t have the fourth volume yet so I think I might have to buy a copy. I am dithering over physical copies and ebook copies. It’s hard to decide which works better for me. Ebooks are cheaper but I do like the feel of something in your hands. I just don’t know. And The Wedding Date? That book is so insanely cute and adorable and I love it with all my heart. Also, yay for good diverse romance which addresses the issue of race and

New To Me

12. The Wedding DateLegsHeating It UpShining ThroughFrom Lukov With Love
Yeah, guys, my shopping restrictions aren’t going well. I am definitely trying harder than last year, though. And really, I am a sucker for romance. February is totally an acceptable time of year to give into some romance, though. So that’s cool.

And that’s my week, a chilled one really. how has your week been? Any good books or good news?
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