Sunday Summary // 11.02.2018

11 February 2018

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. I honestly don’t know what I’ve done this week apart from read and read some more. And sleep. There has been a whole heap of sleeping because I’ve been feeling run down. Also singing as I got myself some wireless headphones which obviously meant I had to dance around the house singing (to test out the range from my phone, of course). I’m sure my neighbours haven’t thanked me for those performances as I am a truly bad singer but it was funny.

I did a couple of buddy reads this week. First I read From Lukov With Love with Nick and that was an adorable read in every way. We then dived into Making Up together along with Danya and oh my, Lucy Parker’s latest book is good. You guys definitely need to get that preordered. These buddy reads mean if I’ve not been reading I’ve been spending way more time on Twitter than I ever usually would. It’s crazy how often you phone pings when you actually use Twitter from time to time.

Apart from reading I haven’t done much, I’ve been really run down this week. I’ve had the hint of a cold brewing for a while and unfortunately this was the week that my immune system succumbed. When I wasn’t reading or working I was sleeping. I’ve slept so much this week and annoyingly it wasn’t even good sleep that made me feel better. Hopefully, resting over the weekend will do me some good. I mean, I even bailed on seeing a friend Thursday night and that’s my one night a week of catching up and chilling. It was annoying but I got so much sleep that night that it was totally worth it. Hopefully resting up this weekend will conquer all illness.

What I’ve Been Reading

From Lukov With Love14. Love To Hate You15. Making UpShadowsong
My reading this week is all romance related, even Shadowsong which is a fantasy, but also a romance. It began with me buddy reading From Lukov With Love. I also read Love To Hate You because I got approved on Netgalley and it looked like perfect Valentine’s easy reading. I think Love To hate You suffered for following on from From Lukov… but it was fun and ridiculous. And then I got approved for Making Up so you just know I dropped everything to get reading that. Like I said, preorder if you haven’t already. And then I got Shadowsong, I actually had an ARC on my Kindle but I had to get a physical copy upon release regardless. It wasn’t everything I had hoped yet it was something completely different and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now if I can only make sure I can put my feelings into words.

New To Me

TitheValiantIronsideShadowsongActing on ImpulseThe Tethered Mage
I did some shopping and some ARC requesting and it’s basically a whole heap of new books. The above are all new purchases (which doesn’t amount to more than £12 so I’m sat here feeling pretty damn smug). And I’ve read one of the books already so go me! I think my brain can’t decide if it fancies fantasy or romance and it’s leaving me confused but oh well.

And the below are my new ARCs, which I’ve already read two of so I’m almost the master of my ARC list. Well… sort of and that’s close enough for me.
14. Love To Hate You15. Making UpWords in Deep BlueThe Love CouponThe Smoke Thieves

How has your week been? Anyone else becoming the master of the ARCs? Or at least fooling themself into having that title?
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