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05 February 2018

Published: 30th January 2018

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Genre: Romance, Contemporary

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On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew Nichols is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend...
Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is not something Alexa Monroe would normally do. But Drew's proposal proves hard to resist.
After their wedding date turns into a whole weekend of fun in San Francisco, Drew and Alexa return to their all-consuming careers - his in LA and hers in Berkeley. Too bad they can't stop thinking about each other...
It could be the long-distance dating disaster of the century - or Drew and Alexa could be just a flight away from what each of them truly wants.

The Wedding Date was an impulse preorder after I’d seen positive things said on Twitter and then saw that Nick had read it too. Those two things combined together meant I had to read it, It was meant to be. I hopped on Amazon and got my preorder sorted. This is the reason I own a lot of romance really, but this one was awesome so I’m glad I did.

The premise of The Wedding Date is simple, guy (Drew) is going to his ex’s wedding and his date bailed n him. He gets stuck in a lift with Alexa and the two end up chatting and he impulsively asks her to be his fake date as they got along so well. She says yes and they spend a weekend as fake boyfriend and girlfriend because he lies and calls her his girlfriend to the groom (who was also his friend from medical school who got with his ex). It’s a two-day thing this wedding so they spend two days having a laugh and getting along for better than expected so they end up sleeping together. Now, the good stuff happens. Alexa lives in Berkeley and Drew in Santa Monica (no, the distance between these places meant nothing to me, I did have to Google it to grasp it was kind of far). The two end up in this weird long-distance relationship with fun and laughter (and fallings out) as the two navigate the uncertain ground as they figure out who they are together and what they mean to each other.

Drew and Alexa were totally adorable together right from when they first met. They bantered and they had a laugh and I could totally see them as a couple as they got along and got each other so well. Even when there were misunderstandings at the start the two managed to get through all kinds of obstacles together which I wasn’t at all certain they could to start off with.

I admit, when we first meet Drew he seemed overly charming and considering he clarified right at the start he ‘didn’t do relationships’ I was kind of wary of him. He seemed like he was going to mess Alexa about and I wasn’t up for that. Especially when we learnt a bit more about what happened with his ex. I liked him, but I was wary. I was right to be with some of the stuff which happens in the book but everything he does he isn’t doing it maliciously, he is just a scared guy who honestly cannot figure out how relationships work. He is going in blind so I got his stumbling about like a bit of an oaf from time to time. I think it helped he was a paediatric surgeon, kind of hard to hate a doctor who works with kids, you know?

Alexa, though? I adored her. She worked at the mayor’s office in Berkeley as his chief of staff. She was totally in love with her job (much like Drew was, so I kind of questioned if the two would have time for each other when they have such hectic careers) and everything she did she worked so hard for. Be it building parks to heading up a scheme to help disadvantaged youths. All of it she gave her 100% and she was totally awesome doing it. I love when someone is so invested in their career.

What was brilliant about this book is that it wasn’t just a cute romance and I’m sure you’ve all predicted the ending of. It also did this great job of addressing race as Alexa is black and Drew is white. The little things which were dropped in to show the different attitudes each had to certain situations simply because of their race was brilliant. Be it a reaction to things done as a teen which for a white kid would be considered youthful exuberance and a prank to a black kid would be considered a crime and jail time could be faced. To Alexa innocently asking if the will be the black person there when it’s not something Drew would ever normally consider. Some of the attitudes to Alexa by those around her are shocking (from one guy continually asking her where she’s from because she can’t really be from California…. douche) but they are reactions which I would never get and small realities for others. Little things like that pushed this into being both a cute romance and a diverse read. It never stops being one because of the other and it is why there needs to be more diverse romance too.

So yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I loved this book. It wasn’t just a fake relationship book, but one about long-distance romance (not seen much of that in romance recently). It was cute and awesome and you should definitely check it out.

Have you read this? What did you think? And can you think of any good long distance romances because I’ve got a craving, I can only think of Dear Aaron.
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