Sunday Summary // 18.02.2018

18 February 2018

Sunday Summary
Hi guys. Just a quick update this week. I’ve been crazy busy both in real life and I even got blogging done this week, but it means I am exhausted. Turns out blogging takes it out of you, who knew?

My busy week has been made up of work, seeing friends and sorting through things at my nan’s. It’s been a busy, busy week. I can’t even think of everything I’ve been up to. I spent a lot of time watching Bones (I’m up to season 6 and I am loving it). I also saw old school friends and it was great, laughing ‘til you cry and generally having fun. And there was pancake day this week too. I don’t think I mentioned but my mom was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so she’s having to look at her diet and cut down on sugar and carbs. It meant she couldn’t have usual pancakes so I found this awesome banana pancake recipe. That was pretty fun to make… if a little difficult to flip (also, if you guys have good low sugar/low card recipes let me know because me and my mom are trying to find good foods that still taste nice).

I’ve done plenty of blogging as well this week (three posts up, I know you’re all impressed… I know I was). I quite enjoyed staying up to date with these things but honestly I don’t know how I used to do it because I had like no time left after doing that, how do folks have time to read and blog? It means this week, a slower week of blogging so I can have a date with my bed and figure out what on earth I feel like reading.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve read one book. I know, that’s it. Like I said, blogging takes up crazy amounts of time. Also, I’ve had no clue what to read lately. It’s not a slump, I’m just unsure as what I want to do other than watch copious amounts of Bones.

New To Me

Once and For AllSpare and Found Parts
So just two new purchased books. I haven’t gotten around to read the newest Sarah Dessen book so I had to buy when it was on sale. Spare and Found Parts I only heard of last week as it was advertised in the back of Shadowsong and then I saw it in a couple of magazines and it sounds really cool, I’m excited to read it.
Cover Spread Starfish.inddA Thousand Perfect NotesThe Truth About AliceRuinTo Kill a Kingdom
I got a whole heap of ARCs this week and yeah, it’s a lot of YA which I’ve drifted from a bit but I’ve heard a good things about most of these. I mean, I have Cait’s book! You don’t know how exciting it is, I’ve never been so glad to be auto approved. Ruin was a surprise ARC in the post and yay for sports romance. And I won a copy of To Kill A Kingdom. It’s fantasy about sirens! Who doesn’t want to read that?

How was your week? Anyone else find they’re time being eaten up and not having time for anything? And who is excited about all the new books coming out?
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