Sunday Summary // 05.08.2018

05 August 2018

Sunday Summary
August is here! What is this? My holiday is fast approaching, less than 5 weeks until I’m in NYC!!! I cannot wait guys, not gonna lie to you. I cannot believe I can now say I am going to New York next month! I have so much shopping to do you don’t even understand. Not just there but when I get there but before I go too so I’m stocked up and ready to take on the world!

So, what’s been happening this week? I honestly wish my life was more eventful for you guys. I basically just go to work and go home and sit in my pyjamas.

My bestie and I did have an impulsive night out Friday night, though. We decided we haven’t been ‘out-out’ in a while (please refer to below video to understand British levels of going out because my out out comment will be lost on you).
So we decided to go out out after work Friday and let me tell you guys, it’s the weirdest night out I’ve been on in a good long while (considering I’ve been out out about 3 times this year, that’s not saying a lot, I know). We began being far too sober and summer nights are not ideal for nights out because when you start getting a little merry and step out a bar and it’s still daylight, it’s confusing. It makes you think you’re drinking in the middle of the day. But we began drinking quote slowly, and we had fun, had a couple of cocktails (one of which came in a baby skull glass which I so wanted to steal). But once we got into the city and got to Popworld (the best and cheesiest of all clubs) strange things happened.

I feel like all the weirdos were out that night. Guys who would not take no for an answer so we had to leave. Guys who did strange things to try and get our attention. Just weirdos. We managed to have a good night out but I forget how much of a chore going for a good dance and a few drinks can be when you have to be constantly aware of everyone else because the crazies come out.  I stayed out until 4am and my feet were killing me the next day so it was a good night. But there is definitely a reason I only go out out a few times a year.

The only other event of the week is me and my friend finally booked to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour! We’ve been talking about going for at least a year and various excuses meant we never booked it, but we decided to begin our night out by booking to go on that (which really shows the kind of people we are). We booked really far in advance and won’t be going until December because we’re both busy over the next couple of months and it’ll be all Christmassy (hopefully) in December so I cannot wait!

What I’ve Been Reading

73. Borrowed Souls74. A Duke By Default75. The Duke I Tempted
I’ve not read all that much really, I’ve started books, but finishing is hard. I began my week by reading Borrowed Souls and I didn’t love it as much as I hoped but I did enjoy it. It was an interesting concept but something just didn’t hook me and there were questions and so yeah. I’m undecided if I’ll read the next book, I got this one on Kindle Unlimited so maybe wait and see if the next one becomes available. I am currently reading both A Duke by Default and The Duke I tempted and both are so much fun, but real life (and the weird out out night) have gotten in the way of reading. Uke Duke I Tempted is a buddy read with Danya and Nick and we’re having a great time with it so far. I was surprised this was a debut just because the writing is so good (unless it goes horribly in the ending).

New To Me

73. Borrowed Souls74. A Duke By Default75. The Duke I TemptedRoomies
I only got a couple of books this week. And this includes to library/digital borrows and my preorder. I have been pretty restrained really. Go me! And I’ve started reading/read all but one. I am on it!

And that is my weird and wonderful week! Please tell me your weirdest night out experience. And what was the last impulsive thing you did lately?
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