Sunday Summary // 19.08.2018

19 August 2018

Sunday Summary
Hi Guys! I only got one post up this week, which was not my plan but oh well. Fingers crossed I finish my planned discussion for next week because currently, I have nothing scheduled! And I’m going to be out Sunday morning so hopefully, I get to it in the afternoon. But I also had plans to watch To All The Boys I Loved Before and Love, Simon Ugh, I hate having to do stuff on a Sunday.

This week has been all over the place. I had set mental plans for how things were going to go… and then it didn’t happen. I was meant to have posts scheduled and I spent last Sunday reorganising my Goodreads shelves and I was going to tell you all about it because as much as we complain about the many flaws of Goodreads I do think it has it’s good points if you just know how to use them! But all my plans went out the window I haven’t turned my laptop on since Tuesday and I honestly couldn’t even tell you why. I suppose less computer time is a good thing.

I also learnt this week I miss the Twitter dramas and if soapgate is anything to go by I would probably be happier to keep missing them. Yes, it is hilarious that folks bought a book box and got a soap penis, but you know that’s just gonna end badly for so many! Also, it freaks me out that ACOTAR gets marketed as YA in so many shops what about if teens bought that! I mean, it’s just a bit dodgy, sure they should learn about sex and everything, but you know what the education system is like. Some of these people are going to use the soap inappropriately and all that will happen is bad stuff in the downstairs. Also, nobody will be able to explain that soap to their housemates! I do kind of want to buy it for a friend because it would be hilarious, but that’s a whole other matter. So what we learnt from that experience is that Twitter is weird, and book Twitter can get hella crazy.

Erm… what else? Well, we had a massive ceiling leak as a pipe cracked in our bathroom. That was all kinds of drama because it had obviously happened over a couple of days and we didn’t notice. I’d heard a hissing noise from where the pipe had obviously cracked but we didn’t realise it was that for a while. And the puddle in the kitchen? Honestly, our poor cat got the blame because it was right next to his litter tray, we thought maybe he was refusing to use it (which wouldn’t be the first time). So we were without water for a day getting that fixed. Just how i wanted to spend my Saturday with no water while my stepdad replaced the pipe. It is fixed, though just need to get some new flooring in the bathroom and we’re good to go.

What I’ve Been Reading

Ten Tiny Breaths23621681The Arrangement41YJ875TSXL
Four books read this week… but one was a DNF. After sorting out my Goodreads shelves I felt inspired to try and focus a little bit more on reading older books. It began well with me reading Ten Tiny Breaths, which was such a good book. It was angsty and I remembered why NA was so difficult for me to get into sometimes, but I got sucked right on in despite the angst. I had high hopes for Magonia, but it just didn’t work for me. I liked the writing and characters but I just wasn’t interested in the story at all so DNF-ed at about 20%. I did enjoy The Arrangement, though. I was expecting a different kind of book when I started so it took me a little while to decide if I liked it but Something hooked me and then by the end I was hugging the book when I finished. I decided to finish the week with a reread in the form of Tell Me Lies and I enjoyed it more than I remembered last time I read it.

New To Me

The Perks of Loving a ScoundrelThe Replacement Crush
Different format for my new to me reads. So the above are my Kindle acquisitions of the week, I will hopefully get to them soon as this was a bad week for new books (or good as the case may be).
Finding FelicityFire KinDreaming DeathThe Opposite of Loneliness
These are the books are sat and dithered about for 2 hours whilst sorting out my Goodreads shelves, they totalled to under £12 when I bought them and there were a couple of others I almost bought I talked myself down. I’m pretty certain I’ll read all of these and enjoy them. Fingers crossed!
The GuardianThe Governess GameTempests and Slaughter
And the above are the ARCs I’ve gotten lately. I forgot to include them last week so this is two weeks worth. Two from authors and series I’ve been enjoying so you know I was going to be reading them anyway. And then I got approved for the new Tamora Pierce book. Not gonna lie, I’ve never read any Tamora Pierce before but I hear good things so fingers crossed I like this new series and then I can work my way backwards with the rest of her releases, right?

That’s my week, not exciting but oh well. What have you been doing lately? Read any good books? And should I read the rest of Tamora Pierce’s books and where should I start if I do?
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