Sunday Summary // 26.08.2018

26 August 2018

Sunday Summary

Yeah, my holiday is pretty much taking over my life and I just know when I come back I’m going to feel all blergh and deflated that it’s over but until then, yay excitement! We got out holiday money the other day. Like, I won’t be carrying loads of cash with me but who can go anywhere without some cash on them? I forgot how much like Monopoly money US dollars are, though. They’re all the same size! How do you even tell which note you have without looking at it? How do blind people cope? It’s all very confusing. Also, it’s paper! Like, I know it’s only £5 and £10 which have gone plastic but they’re like the most common notes so it’s funny how weird it is to hold paper money again. That’s gonna take a little while to get used to but it’s for a few days.

Apart from holiday everything I’ve been pretty chill this week. I managed to read some good books but I am pretty much always on the verge of slumping because I don’t know what I’m in the mood for. I keep picking up and putting books down because nothing feels like the right fit. When I find a really good book it’s perfect but when I’m not I recognise the book isn’t working for me like straight away and I have put it down and it’s always really stupid little things which would never normally put me off reading! Ugh, I wish I could shift this feeling. It’s really weird and it’s not even like I’m slumping and want to read nothing I just don’t know what I do want to read.

I did a little bit of retail therapy this week as well. I went shopping after work with a friend and we both put a small dent on our bank balance. But I successful bought no books (on that shopping trip) so that was a sort of success. I bought a really cute pink denim skirt from Topshop and a couple of work appropriate items from New Look and I deem that a success. I did see other stuff I liked but I’m going to New York, I’ll shop there. I did love buying some new clothes though,

I finally watched To All The Boys I Loved Before on Friday night and guys, I’m in love. I mean, Peter Kavinsky is just so swoon-worthy. But more importantly, I need Lara Jean’s wardrobe in my life (or at least a few items of clothing from her). I was seriously so in love with so much of the film. It was so on point and it had the vibes I would have wanted a film based on the book to have. I was just so very much in love and I won’t be over it for a good long while, let me tell you.

What I’ve Been Reading

The Governess GameThe PassageBayou BornThe Raven PrinceTo Sir With Phillip With Love
Before you all go getting excited at how much I’ve read, two of these are DNF. Two! I am embracing the DNF, though and I was not feeling them when I DNF-ed. The Governess Games was AMAZING! Like, I am always shocked at how Tessa Dare can still impress me with her new releases. I think if all else fails with my reading I’ll go and read everything Tessa Dare has ever written. The Passage was a DNF at 50 pages (it’s almost 800 long so that isn’t a good go) but I was not in the mood for vampires… and the length put me off a lot. I didn’t want to get stuck in another series I had to struggle through. Bayou Born, I actually tried to read a couple of months back and DNF but I was in the mood for something different and wow, so glad I gave it a second shot (which is why DNF isn’t always final with me). I am so excited to read the next book now. I have it on my kindle but wanted to try reading that next week and break up the series. I then picked up The Raven Prince because I thought I was still in the mood for some HR. Turns out I wasn’t because I DNF that. To be fair, there was only so many times I could read about a woman fantasising about a man’s chest hair before I find it weird. I might give that book another chance but I won’t hold my breath. And finally, I started reading To Sir Phillip, With Love. This has been on my shelf for over a year and I thought Julia Quinn is the woman to get me out of my funk. I’m only a couple of chapters in, keep your fingers crossed.

New To Me

Bone DrivenRemedial Rocket ScienceA Girl Like HerNorse Mythology
Yeah, I was doing awesome at not getting new books until I wasn’t. At least two of these books were free! Remedial Rocket Science and A Girl Like Her were both free on Amazon so check those out. A Girl Like Her is the first book we’ll be reading for our online book club. Hopefully, I have a chance to read and join in the discussions. Bone Driven is the sequel to Bayou Born so I had to buy even though it was almost as much as a normal book. And then Norse Mythology was an impulse buy when I was shopping Saturday.
Glory in Death
And I borrowed this from the library. I have another reservation which is taking it’s sweet time to arrive because the book is still on order so hopefully that arrives soon. I still don’t know how I feel about this JD Robb series but I figure I can give it a few books to make up my mind.

How has your week been? Anyone else finding awesome freebies? Do you ever go through phases of not knowing what you want to read and DNF-ing a whole lot?
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