Sunday Summary // 08.09.2019

08 September 2019

I’m writing this post on Friday because I’m busy over the weekend. I’ve got a work thing on Sunday… it’s a festival of sorts. It’s not a proper festival, but they’re putting on fair rides and some bands down south and it should hopefully be a laugh. It does mean I have to up at 5am to go to work to sit on a coach for almost four hours, but what can you do? I’ll take photos and fill you all in next week, but it means I have lost a weekend of blog-related things. I’m hoping I can spend Friday night and some of Saturday blogging and drafting posts and give myself a few days next week to chill.

I have had a very quiet week this week. No drama, no fun events, just relaxing. I’ve been browsing houses and tried to psych myself up to view some but I’m still stuck in the terror stage. I think I need to book a couple of viewings because that will get me excited to see what comes next.

What I’ve Been Reading

It was another decent reading week. Kindling the Moon was finished on Sunday and I won’t be labelling it a favourite I will say I’m excited to see where the series is going next. I will say Bringing Down the Duke was absolutely amazing, I will be reviewing next week (hopefully) but it was a great feminist read that made me angry at politicians and just made me so happy to read. As for A Prince on Paper, it’s perfect. I’ve not finished it yet but by the time this post is live, I will have done. It’s just so perfect, I am about ready to die for Nya she deserves so much, and Johan? I have a soft spot for Jo-Jo and I’m glad to see he’s becoming a fully-fledged character and all his personality quirks are coming out.

New To Me

I was trying to be so good, but then I saw The Ambassador’s Mission for 99p and I adored the first trilogy series so much and couldn’t resist. And No Judgments and Trail of Lightning are both ARCs I didn’t expect to get approved for on Netgalley. I am determined to read all of my ARCs and I need to get on top of them all. No more impulse requests, even if I don’t think I’ll get approved.

Anyone else had big plans for the weekend? What have you been reading of late?
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