Sunday Summary // 15.09.2019

15 September 2019

Not gonna lie, this attempt number two to write this post. Why? Because this post got deleted and I thought I’d saved it but I hadn’t! It’s a nightmare, and I was typing it up over a couple of hours. I can’t remember everything I said so let’s try again.

I have had a weird week. I went to the festival with work and I' have been exhausted and in a slightly bad mood ever since. It sucks because I was feeling super positive on the dya of the festival and I just think exhaustion has made me be in a pissy mood. Even a couple of the women I work with commented on it and I had to say sorry. I knew I was snapping and couldn’t help myself but they’ve been pretty good about it.

The festival was a really fun day. I was exhausted getting up at 5:30 am but I had a great time. I went on a bunch of fair rides (and screamed on one I did not expect to spin me upside down… and then went on it again). I ate tasty food (hot, sugary donuts and halloumi fries are my fave). It was a fun day for everyone, I am so glad I went. I was only annoyed by two things: the length of time travelling, and the two people who arrived late both in the morning and the afternoon for the coach.
Apart from my pissy mood and festival fun, there is one other thing that happened this week. I went to my first house viewing! Yep, did the grown-up thing, booked a house viewing and kind of liked the house. I realised there were some strange things about it later on, though. I mean, I went alone so there wasn’t a second pair of eyes with me, but when I was talking about the things I liked and the viewing with friends and family I realised two strange things. First, it was hella weird the owners had a bit of land that was outside of their fence that their neighbour was using and the extension looked into the neighbours garden because of it. But also the sellers were definitely lying about their reason for moving. They said they were moving to be closer to his parents… but his parents lived a 15-minute walk the other side of town. It was weird! I liked the property but I think I need to see more of what’s out there. Talk about a small world, though. I’ve another viewing booked next week and when I told my stepdad about it turns out he used to work with the guys whose house it is. And even weirder, that guy is my best friend’s uncle! It’s craziness, this kind of thing never happens but I’ve had a small world moment. But I wish folks told you buying a house is stressful, I’m one viewing in and I’m stressed.

What I’ve Been Reading

Yeah, my reading has been severely impacted by previously mentioned pissy mood. I couldn’t get into How to Love a Duke in Ten Days despite initially really liking it. Dalliances and Devotions ended up being DNFed because I couldn’t get into it at all and it had such potential! I ended up starting to reread Burn For Me in the hopes of cheering me up. I am enjoying it a lot, at least, maybe it’s time for Hidden Legacy reading, who knows. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

New To Me

Just one book this week (well done me) but also, shouldn’t have bought it because I’ve read nothing new! I have plans to clear off the old reading shelves, though. I won’t say more now but lookout for some posts soon(ish).

And that is my week, what are your reading suggestions to shift a bad mood? And fill me in, how has your week been?
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