Sunday Summary // 22.09.2019

22 September 2019

It’s getting closer to the end of the month and it’s been almost a month of me talking about houses! I am getting bored of viewing houses… but I’ve found two houses I think I like. I know, my uncertainty doesn’t fill me with confidence either, but that’s more because I barely know what I’m doing rather than me not liking the houses. These two houses are kind of similar but also not. I won’t go into great detail on them because I feel like if I talk about them too much I’ll jinx it and one will get sold before I can make my mind up on them. I do have to say viewing houses really helped me figure out what I want in a house, though. I guess those TV shows and online articles are right, looking online is not the same as actually seeing it. I thought I wanted loads of room but actually, I just want a nice little house, I don’t need a massive second bedroom but I most certainly require a shower and a bathtub. I didn’t know any of this when I started but I’m slowly figuring it all out and I like that. My two houses give me these things, but now it’s a case of figuring out what I want. I feel like one I’m going with my head and the other just gave me a feeling… but I’m thinking my head might be right this time around and I sort of thought I’d go with my heart in choosing a house.

So yeah, this week has been very much house focused. I didn’t even turn on my laptop and attempt to read blog posts until Friday and even that failed because the blergh, pissy mood continues. What is wrong with me? I think some of it is I’ve had a couple of terrible nights sleep, but I don’t know what’s caused it. To be fair, this week has very much been out to incite my anger and tried to fuel my bad mood. A manager I really like left work this week. It was very sudden and he never got the chance to say anything to anyone, we just had an email announcing he was gone and that was that. It upset a lot of people in the office and I think it’ll be felt for a while, but we have all been trying to not let it get to us too much. It was upsetting, though, and I’m hoping it’s the last of the big changes at work but I doubt it. It meant there’s been a weird mood all week at work and by Friday afternoon everything felt off. I’m hoping i can shake off the mood over the weekend and return feeling a bit better otherwise work is going to be tough.

Anyway, the weird mood continues and that’s sorted of affected everything reading and blog related. My motivation is shot and I hadn’t even visited any blogs until Friday. I’ll try and catch up soon but my brain is all house all the time so I’ve been struggling to think about other stuff. I’m mostly just stressing with everything that comes next but I remind myself I get a house at the end and that’s the important thing.

What I’ve Been Reading

I can tell my mood has been affecting my reading because it took me nearly 5 days to finish White Hot and I’ve not even been able to develop the motivation to read Wildfire properly and I adore that series! I’m hoping to pick up Wildfire soon, but until then I decided to read Famous in a Small Town and that book was finished on Friday evening. I think I needed the quick easy read a romance offers but I’m once more stuck on what to read next. I’ve just not been in the right mood and it’s frustrating, it could be the right time to start a blog post I’ve got ideas for, though. We’ll see.

New To Me

Just one new ARC addition this week. I loved Jane Doe when I read it last year so as soon as I saw Victoria Helen Stone and then saw this was a sequel I just had to request it on Netgalley. I can’t wait to start reading.

How have you been? Any new bookish additions you need to tell me about? And please keep giving me house advise, what did I agree to here?
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