Sunday Summary // 01.09.2019

01 September 2019

How is this year so close to being over. It’s September already! It's craziness, I really feel like I could have blinked and missed this year, and that wouldn’t be an all bad thing, but it has been a good year as well.

Sorry I’ve not blogged (and commented) more this week. It’s been a bit of a crazy one which has left me wanting to just curl up in front of the TV, or with a good book, most evenings. It does mean I’ve read a couple of really good books this week, and that’s always a plus for me.

Let’s start with the non work stuff. I caught up with a couple of friends this week and it was so much fun to chat and have a laugh after a stressful few days. I know as I get older me and my friends don’t hold all that same interests but when you’ve gone all the way through high school together I think you can’t help but want to stay friends. And it was good to chat about something other than work.

I also had my mortgage meeting with the bank and now I have an idea of what I can afford I get the joy of looking at houses. I’ve already got my mom showing my lots of different houses saying they look nice. I swear she’s trying to get rid of me. But I do love looking at houses online, now I need to brave it and look at some in real life. I just need to figure out what I want beyond space for some bookshelves!

And now to the walk related drama (you know I always have some). It was a very weird week this week, it was actually a long weekend so I only had a four day working week and still I managed to find drama. Someone I have been working with for a while has been off. We’ve notice her being quiet and she’s had some health problems of late. You can imagine our surprise when we were sat at work Tuesday and we notice her nodding off at her desk. It was following a very warm bank holiday weekend so I kind of figured she was just tired from lack of sleep. We banged about a bit and woke her up and through that was the end of it…. and then the same thing happened Wednesday. I’ve not been getting along well with the person for a little while so I didn’t think I could really speak to them and say ‘you’re falling asleep, get help’ so in the end I had to speak to our manager and get them to have  a word. It was a very weird, and really bizarre situation. They did approach me after our manager had spoken to them, and thanked me for showing some concern. It was a relief to tell someone because it was honestly worrying she might fall asleep at the wheel. But yeah, first time I’ve had to deal with someone falling asleep and having to report them at work. Fingers crossed she gets the help she needs because seems like it might be her meds screwing her over.

What I’ve Been Reading

Two YA reads this week and I’ve started reading another book on Scribd. First & Then was on my TBR for so long and I am glad I read it, Emma Mills writes YA I always end up enjoying. Then I moved on to another anticipated read from an author I enjoy, Call it What You Want. Brigid Kemmerer is a genius and that book was so good. And then we have Kindling the Moon. I’m only a couple of chapters in so I will make no comment.

New To Me

Just one new book this week. Sapphire Flames was a preorder and I want to reread the whole series and then start this. I did also get one new ARC in as well. Bringing Down The Duke has been popping up on my Twitter timeline and I am very excited to read.

This may be my last post in a little while. We might be without internet for a little while so I’ll see if I can post. Let me know how your week has been and tell me what you’ve been reading.
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