Sunday Summary // 1st May 2022

01 May 2022

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I can’t believe it’s May already! I don’t know where April went, it absolutely flew by and I think May might do the same. I have a busy few weeks in May so I imagine it’ll feel like I’ve blinked and missed it. I do have some exciting things to look forward to though. I’m seeing friends and one of my friends is getting married at the end of the month so that’s going to be amazing!  I think I’m just hoping to have some fun and hopefully take lots of photos.


This week felt like it was over so fast. I was rushed off of my feet with work, I’ve worked over far more than I’m comfortable with and I felt like I could have worked even longer but I’m firm that when I’m WFH I shouldn’t stay on longer than hour and that’s only if I’m trying to wrap up what I’m working on. I know it’ll quiet down next week and I’ll be back to working my hours. I think I also felt rushed because we have another bank holiday in the UK so I’m not working Monday. It means another short week of work, though, hopefully it’s quieter although I have meetings booked in again. I feel like a proper grown up saying I have meetings but I often don’t even need to talk in them.


Apart from work I saw one of my friends and we caught up on life. I don’t think we’d seen each other in person since before I caught covid so it was so nice to chat. It was one of those evenings where you only have a couple of drinks but somehow you’ve found yourself chatting for 4 hours and then you realise you need to get home because you have work in the morning. It was great, I miss evenings like that. I feel like I’ve not really had the chance to do that as much the past 2 years, even when restrictions eased it’s felt like we’ve got to have definite plans to do something rather than just generally catch up.


Apart from work and seeing friends it’s mostly just been home stuff. I’ve got a friend who will finally be collecting the washing machine I’ve been using as a side table in my conservatory. I also spent Saturday being isnanely productive and clearing things from my to do list I’ve been putting off for a while. The only things I didn’t do were unpacking that final box in the spare room, washing the bed sheets, and cleaning the bathroom. I was in one of those moods, I think. I’d woken up and felt in the mood to decorate my living room finally except I’d done none of the things I need to in there and I don’t have the paint or brushes to do that task. I still need to remove wall plugs, fill holes and take down the stupid curtain rail but I think I channelled the energy that wanted to decorate into doing the other chores instead. I did all of my laundry (apart from the bed sheets as there wasn’t room on the washing line). I tidied the conservatory and scrubbed the floor which has needed cleaning for at least a month. I cleaned the hob and sorted the kitchen so I don’t have random carrier bags everywhere. I finally put up the cheap Ikea blinds I’d bought months ago in my bedroom in the hopes I’ll stop waking up with the sunrise. I weeded the garden to try and make it nice to sit in until I sort the gravel. I even planned by May bullet journal spread so I can carry on being organised. And I cleaned the vacuum filter which is always really disgusting and something I should do far more often. As you can see it was a very productive day and I don’t know where all of the energy came from. I still need to remove the wall plugs and stuff in the living room but I know I need to go shopping for supplied before any decorating commences.


God, I’ve realised how boring and grown up I sound being happy I do the household chores. I’ll be sure to balance this out next week by being lazy or getting drunk with my friends or something.


What I’ve Been Reading

Deep - Kylie ScottI Kissed Shara Wheeler - Casey McQuistonDirty - Kylie ScottA Good Girl's Guide to Murder - Holly Jackson

I admit it’s been a slow reading week. I finished the Stage Dive series and I Deep wasn’t my favourite of the series so that felt a little draggy but I enjoyed it. I then started reading I Kissed Shara Wheeler but I realised after a couple of chapters I wasn’t quite in the mood for it so I also picked up Dirty, the first in the Dive Bar series that’s a follow up to Stage Dive. Sadly, Dirty has in no way gripped me. I like the characters well enough but I don’t really get the chemistry between the MCs or really care about the romance so I might DNF. I can’t decide if it’s me and my mood reading or the book so if you read and enjoyed Dirty let me know and I’ll place to one side and try again another day. I did finally finish I Kissed Shara Wheeler, I got into the story in the end but I think I cared for the secondary characters more than the MC and her romance. I’ll have a review for it up in the next week or so I’m sure. I then started my reread of A |Good Girl’s Guide to Murder as I decided that’s the kind of book I’m in the mood for. Here’s hoping I enjoy it as much second time around.


New To Me

Deep - Kylie Scott

I only bought the final Stage Dive book, Deep. Otherwise no new purchases for me. There are some new KU borrows but I still might return them without reading so I don’t really want to mention them. I’m trying to stay strong about purchases but I am seriously debating preordering a couple of books, I’m having a think over the weekend as I also want to buy some new clothes in case I go to the office a little more so I might channel the book funds to clothes instead.


What have you been reading this week? Anyone else sometimes get these random bursts of productive energy and power through their entire to do list in one day?

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