Monthly Wrap Up // April 2022

04 May 2022

Where the hell did April go? It felt like it start two seconds ago and then it was May. 2022 is flying by and it's crazy. I don't think I like it. It's the first year in a while things have started to feel normal (to some degree anyway) and I think it's going to pass me by before I know it.


When I think back on it April seems to have been busy. I started the month on a hen do and with friends. I then got covid and spent a copious amount of time at home and working and blogging and generally just doing stuff so I didn't go crazy at home. And then it closed with me being social, seeing friends and family, and going to the office. It really was a month that was very much about seeing people and doing things. I suppose that means I shouldn't complain too much as I was doing things which made me happy… apart from getting covid. That sucked, but at least it aligned perfectly with when I didn't have a lot of plans so I didn't feel like I missed at on too much stuff. The highlights was definitely going to Liverpool and just having a laugh. We did our ridiculous Britney dance class and ate food and had drinks and just enjoyed ourselves. We went to a comedy club and did get picked on a little by some of the comedians, but it was just fun. I missed doing stuff like that and so, even though Liverpool is most definitely where I got sick, it was totally worth it.


Music of the Month

I actually discovered this song watching the season finale of Peaky Blinders and I listened to it on repeat for a while. I don’t know what it is that’s caught my attention with it but something did.


What I Read

4 stars

3-3.75 stars

I only read 13 books in April. my reading is obviously flagging. But it’s cool because I still read a lot of books I enjoyed. There weren’t any 5 star reads either. I obviously never managed to settle on exactly where my mood lay when it comes to reading.


Reading Challenges

2022 Monthly Key Word Challenge


April - Race, Now, Chose, While, Stop, Burn, Red, One

I really love challenges like this for making me look at the books I won and think which ones might fit the theme. For April it forced me to finally read One Last Stop and I am not mad about it. I think I'd have read it eventually but it's been on my shelf since last year and it was time to read a physical book.

Buzzword Reading Challenge


April - A book with LITTLE or BIG in the title

I once more turned to my physical books and my unread bookshelf to choose a book for this challenge as none of the books on my kindle inspired me and I saw The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan just waiting to be read. It's been on my shelf so long I couldn't even tell you when I bought it but I am so glad I did read it because it was such a charming story. Jenny Colgan delivers charming stories set throughout the UK which always have me ready to move to wherever they're set. I don't know why I haven't read more books from her as they really are charming. I probably would have never got around to reading this book if it wasn't for the reading challenge so I think I will take up more of these in the future where I force myself to read books I own.

Beat the Backlist

I'm flagging in conquering the prompts on this one. I am halfway through, I've now completed 26 prompts but I think the ones left are the difficult ones. I am proud the majority of my reads qualify for this challenge though. I've only read 5 books which were published in 2022 out of 69 I've finished at the end of April. That's pretty impressive, right?

What I Blogged


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TV/Film Highlights

There are three shows which stand out as highlights for me in April. I watched a lot of TV because I had covid but two of the shows I actually finished at the very start of April and those were Peaky Blinders and Ted Lasso. My song of the month was actually in the Peaky Blinders finale. I have to say, I expected a little more from the final season of Peaky Blinders, those characters had so much more story left but I understand wanting to finish a series without dragging it out. I know I'll still see plenty of Peaky Blinders themed stuff around Birmingham anyway, the city has fully embraced having a show based there. I swear, some people have made the show their personality. The other show I finished right at the start of the month was Ted Lasso and I am obsessed. I am ready to rewatch the first two seasons all over again because that's how good it was. I can't wait for more and it might have convinced me to carry on my AppleTV+ subscription longer than originally planned. And the final show of April is obviously going to be Business Proposal. I watched it in the space of a week and loved it.

I have just one film for the month and that is CODA. It weirdly felt like a YA book when I was watching, which is probably a really weird thing to say but it had a strong family element, a romance, and a teenagers quest to achieve her dream. It has all the stuff you'd usually see in a YA book so there you go. It was really good, I watched while I had covid which may have been an error as it was at the stage where I was really congested and struggling to breath and it then made me cry which made everything worse, especially as I watched it just before going to bed. Definite error on my part.


How was your April? Anyone else feel like the time is flying by this year? maybe it’s just because we’re out doing things a bit more compared to the past couple of years?

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