06 August 2017

Sunday Summary // 06.08.2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome one and all to another Sunday. It’s been a busy blogging week for me with lots of posts going up all week. I’ve been a busy bee and I think it may be a busy August for me, but we shall see.

This week has been… I don’t know. I’ve done lots of holiday planning and shopping and that has been lovely but I do feel I’m getting a little boring with my holiday. It’s the only things I have to look forward to right now! I mean, there are other things to look forward to but I’m going abroad and I’m excited for that fact!

Anyway, apart from holiday shopping it’s been a quiet week. I’ve seen my bestie who is finally getting the house she put an offer in for about a year ago! She’ll be all moved by the end of the month and I am so excited for her. It’s scary that my friends are doing these grown up things but also very exciting. I cannot wait to help her move and decorate. It’s going to be a blast, but it will mean my weekends will shortly be a lot busier. We shall see.

I have also signed up for a reading challenge which I am excited for. And I am attempting a spending ban for the month of August! Wish me luck because I am trying to be sensible and not spend loads of money on books when I have plenty to read and I am currently shelling out money for other things. It feels like a mature decision to make but it is damned hard to follow through with it.

I feel like I should have more to update you all on but really it’s not been a very eventful week. My work friend finished on Friday and it was sad to see him go… but I’m going out tonight with him and some other folks from work (I’m writing this up Saturday so please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply to comments on Sunday because I may be hungover). I am excited for a night out but when writing this it’s currently throwing it down with rain so I hope this won’t be the weather for the day. I may resemble a drowned rat all night otherwise.

What I’ve Been Reading

1. North To YouHouse of Secrets
It had been a quiet reading week. I intended to read three books this week but somehow other things got in the way. I did read two fantastic books, though. North To You was purchased from Nick simply pointing at it and it was a great read. More books should combine romance and food. They really should. And then I decided to read another ARC and one I was so happy to be approved for, The House of Secrets. It wasn’t completely what I was expecting but I really loved it. I love the parallel storylines and it did tug at my heartstrings so I occasionally felt like crying when reading it.

New To Me

This Adventure EndsEvery Heart a DoorwayMy Hear & Other Black HolesAn Extraordinary UnionWelcome to Night Vale
As I said, I am employing a spending ban (or trying to). I actually won employee of the month at the end of July and so I sued my giftcard to buy myself a couple of books I’d been putting off getting because the price was just so high. I got myself a copy of This Adventure Ends and Every Heart a Doorway and I am so glad I have. The hardcovers are stunning and I smile every time I see them on my shelf. Fingers crossed the books are as good as they look. I also got North To You, as I mentioned above, Nick told me to read it so I did. And then I got myself two little ebooks I probably shouldn’t have bought by I am a sucker for a cheap book. Not too bad, but still more than I should have got. And I did some book swaps on Twitter (I am determined to get rid of those books I no longer wish to read or own) and the first of those arrived. Yay for Welcome to Night Vale.
If Birds Fly BackThe Wizard of London
I also got two books from the library (oops?) but I genuinely forgot I’d put a request in for If Birds Fly Back but I will hopefully be reading it soon. I am trying not to borrow too many books from the library, 6 is manageable, right? The Wizard of London was purely an impulse borrow as it was right near the checkout machine (I’m sure that thing has a name so that’s what it is) but it will either be good or terrible. I was just drawn in by the retro fantasy cover.

Well, I should really be spending my weekend writing posts for next week and playing blog catch up but I think I want to spend it reading. Anyone else find that always happens when they plan to knuckle down with the blog? How has your week been?

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