I am not a planner

28 April 2014

This feels like a follow up to last weeks post. Not only am I an impulse buyer when it comes to book purchases, I’m also a person who pretty much picks up whatever book takes my fancy. I don’t plan ahead with what I read. I don’t even know if planning what to read next is a thing that people do. I know I sometimes see in people’s posts books they plan to read or review in the week to come. I’m not that girl. I’m the girl who blindly grabs a book off the shelf and decides if it is something takes my fancy, then throws it back and tries again when it isn’t. I have read the first pages of many a book that is currently sat on my TBR shelf.

I don’t plan ahead when it comes to reading. If I buy a new book then that is probably what I’ll read next. Even that isn’t a good guide. Sometimes I don’t want to read that book I just bought, but I know at some point I will. I essentially just read whatever I fancy. I wish I could plan better in regards to my reading. It would make tackling my TBR pile easier. I wouldn’t be so tempted to by new books if I could just set my mind on reading a specific book I already own next. It would save me plenty of money and it would help me tackle my shelving issues for my books.

Another reason why I need to try and learn to be a planner for my books, it would seriously help me with blogging. If I could plan what I was going to read I could start planning blog posts for reviews and such. It would be mega beneficial. I am terrible at planning as it is, so if I had a general idea of what I was going to read next I could start making some plans for it. It wouldn’t be that helpful, but I could at least think of some ideas beforehand, although I suppose if I was a planner I would be organised in my reviewing as well. I’m not though, so I’m really not.

Sorry, it’s only a short ramble this week, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts, though. Is anyone a book planner? Anyone got some advise for me? Or is anyone a grab at random reader like me, how do you handle it if you are?
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