Smoke & Bone and Siege & Storm–Leigh Bardugo

11 April 2014

So this is more of a review of the series so far. I have read the first book previously. When I did I felt the need to power through and rush to the end, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I had that same feeling again when I tried to reread it. I felt, maybe, I just didn’t give enough of a chance last time, after all, everyone raves about this series. I don’t feel the need to rave.

Why don’t I like this series?

I don’t dislike this series, don’t get me wrong. I can see how good it is. It’s a unique storyline. It’s a unique setting, set in a country similar to Russia. The characters are well written, they are fully developed. I just felt like there was something lacking whilst I was reading. I don’t dislike this series at all, but I didn’t love it either. It very much receives a rating of meh.

It was an excellent story, but I just couldn’t connect with Alina. I couldn’t connect with mopey Alina her totally awesome power Alina. No matter how she acted I felt a strong urge to slap her. There is not an appropriate combination of words to describe how I felt about her. I simply did not like or understand her. I also didn’t like Mal and how unwilling he was to accept the changes in Alina, and I didn’t like Alina’s insecurity in regards to Mal. I didn’t understand the Darling. I mean, I know no one understands the Darkling, but he appeared to have no real motivation through any of the books. Not any understandable or realistic one anyway. He was just good and confusing until he became mega evil and douchey. There was no logic to anyone.

I didn’t like the romance between Mal and Alina, I hated it even. Old friends, awesome, but the fact neither of them seem to get how the other is feeling made it mega difficult for me to grasp the idea of romance between them. They didn’t mesh romantically for me, I felt like it was thrown in for drama.

So there’s a lot you didn’t like, did you like anything in these books?

Of course I enjoyed stuff. I did like the concept of Grisha and the way that they were treated in different realms in the books. How there were numerous theories behind them. I loved how Alina did develop and grow within the books, even if I didn’t like her. I liked the secondary characters, such as Genya, and David and I adored Sturmhund. I loved to hate the vanity of the royal family and the ridiculous notions of the pilgrims. I loved the entire idea of these books, I just don’t like the internal goings on and such.

So… do you recommend it to others?

Sure, go wild. Each to their own, after all. Just because I didn’t enjoy it, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the good things in this book. I just didn’t enjoy them myself, yet I’ll still read the third when it’s released, the storyline is intriguing enough that I am intrigued to know what happens in the end. The storyline is one of a kind, I can appreciate that at least.
Well, that’s all from me this week. Have any of you read this series? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I have to warn you all, I’ll be going away for the weekend, sot here probably won’t be a post from me for a few days. I’m back on Monday, during my journey I’ll try to write up a Monday Musings post to publish when I get back at least. I make no promises, though. Until next time.
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