Top Ten Characters Who Stole My Heart

22 April 2014

So, this is an interesting theme from The Broke And The Bookish for this week (I missed last weeks, I know, I feel bad, but I was just too tired to think about writing anything). I chose to pick the ten characters who have stolen my heart in books, because fictional characters have given me unrealistic expectations of men, so t seemed appropriate.

Throne of GlassSo, it has been a while since I read this series, I think it probably was last year, but I distinctly remember loving this man. He was just so kind and you want the best for him. Everything he sacrificed to get where he is, you feel his pain and his conflict and generally you just grow to like him through every scene you have of him. The fact that he is a knight and determined to do the right things makes you love him even more, definitely a life ruiner.
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Po has definitely ruined men for me slightly. He is so agreeable, very sexy and so dedicated to Katsa. He is essentially a perfect man. Sure, he got a bit mopey when some difficult stuff happened in the book and was a bit pathetic, but it was understandable. He got past it well, adjusted and embraced the difficulties. That’s why I love him.
So , Lucas was lovely, if a bit weird with the whole secret tutor business. I love how he was protective he was without being overbearing, and how he simply looked out for others.
Levi was another lovely boy. He was wonderful and life-ruining because he felt real. Like actually real. I could believe he was a person, with his receding hairline and all. He was sweet and caring as a friend, and an incredibly awkward love interest. He was real with his flaws and all.
Prince Maxon is the very definition of a dream boyfriend. He is a prince after all, and he is nice and considerate and funny, and you get to see him as a real person in The Elite, how he is insecure, struggled with things and is not simply a cardboard cut out of a perfect man.
Marco was perfect. It has been ages since I read this book, but I remember loving Marco for his determination to find his way to be the one he loves. I was awed by how he continued to impress and woo Celia, even before they’d actually met. Everyone knows there is a level of showing off when you meet someone new
How could he not steal my heart and ruin my life. Anyone who has read this book will understand what I’m talking about. He is a life ruiner of epic proportions, in so many ways. He ripped my heart out and stopped all over it.
So, this one is a bit of a shock entry. I know many of you may not of heard of this book, or this author, but I read this book when I was about fifteen. Probably not the best idea when it is an adult read, but I regret nothing. Anyway, Calvin Morrissey is cocky, full of him self, a womaniser, scared of commitment and has major family problems, but he is so freaking charming I don’t even care. I loved that man, he created unrealistic expectations of the male species for me when I was still a teenager. There is no saving some people. I’m screwed. Films, books and TV, they have all ruined men for me because these people are not real and I want them to be. It’s alright though, there have been some unrealistic expectations of adulthood also given within these books, and let me tell you, life does not fall into place, but that is a story for another day.
Who wasn’t in love with Park? He stole every girl’s heart who read these book, and possibly a few men’s. I wish I met a boy like him when I was still at school, sadly all the boys I knew at school were idiots, like the numerous ones who harassed Eleanor. Park is a kind considerate boy who goes to any length for the girl he loves. That is what everyone wants, and he caught my heart with his love of comic books and music.
So, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Meg Cabot. Or, I did when I was fifteen. I loved Rob Wilkins in the Missing series she wrote. He was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who had morals, self restraint, and rode a motorcycle. I was in love with him because he didn’t give in to the seduction attempts of Jess, he resisted and allowed her to grow up because he knew he was too old for her and too dangerous and let her try and meet a nice boy. I love a boy with issues.

And that is me for this week. Hopefully have some more stuff in a couple of days. Anyone else fallen head over heels for a fictional man and developed some seriously unrealistic expectations for life?
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