Where did my week go?

27 April 2014

Sunday Summary

I don’t know where my week has gone. I think the shorted working week has left me feeling like I’ve lost time. I don’t think the madness at work has helped. We’ve been running around trying to get stuff finished before the end of the month and it hasn’t helped that we have had one person out for most of the month, so there has been two of us trying to do three people’s worth of work. So, essentially I feel really tired this week, I have obviously done too much work. I did realise I am officially a regular at a pub I go to. They recognised me and new my drink order. That was definitely a good day. It was made all the more impressive by the fact I’ve not been there in like a month. That is good service for you.
Not much. I finished Panic and Days of Blood and Starlight and I finished reading Dream of Gods and Monsters. That is essentially all the reading I have done this week. I have had a slow reading week, and that is okay. I accept and embrace that, because we all have our off weeks don’t we?
So I watched a few films this week, although no cinema visit for me. I watched A.C.O.D. which was hilarious, I am not a child of divorce, but I can appreciate the humour, also I will watch most things with Adam Scott in. I also watched Stuck in Love, which was such a lovely film. I watched it because I adore Lily Collins, but this whole film was just so lovely, all about leaving yourself open for love, who doesn't like films about love, really? And I saw Inside Llewyn Davis, which  was funny, but left me wanting. The ending, the entire film, I felt like there should have been more to it. It was a bit disappointing really. Some good music in it though.

And that has been my week. That sounds terrible. I feel like I should have done more. Until next time then guys.
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