Sunday Summary: 04.10.2015

04 October 2015

Sunday Summary
Sadly, my week off has come to an end. I wish I could say I’ve done lots of interesting things, but I didn’t. I caught up on lots of sleep, stressed about my poor dog because he seems to be compulsively scratching (no, we thought fleas, but we’ve treated him and checked him and that’s not it, so we’ll wait and see how it goes for him) and I did boring things like housework. I discovered I am some kind of hoarder when clearing out rubbish from under my bed. I had 4 old phones under my bed, why would I keep them? And, I also binned all my uni notes, because it’s been three years and I’ve never looked at them, it’s stupid to keep them. It means I now have loads of extra room under my bed for storage, which is always good, I’m thinking of storing some of my lesser read books under there.

I didn’t get as much reading done as I thought I might, but I have read plenty so I’m not complaining. I also didn’t get anywhere near as many blog posts written up as I hoped (I’m still so behind on my reviews!) but I don’t care because I renewed my obsession with The Sims. I don’t know how a game can be so addictive, but it is. I spent an entire day just playing it in the middle of my week off, I’d feel bad that I didn’t leave the house, but screw that, it’s my holiday and I’ll be a recluse if I want to!

What I’ve Been Reading

I know, you’re thinking she hasn’t read as much as she wanted, how many books did she want to read? I know it’s not like I haven’t been reading, but I wanted to make a greater dent in my own TBR pile yet both Slave to Sensation and On the Edge were books I got form the library, so it’s not like I’ve been reading my own books exclusively. I’m attempting to read more from my library, but it doesn’t have the best selection, so we shall see.

Also, isn’t it amazing how reading a short story can remind you why you love an author? I last experienced this reading the My True Love Gave To Me short story collection last Christmas, and when I got an ARC copy of Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie off of Netgalley I experienced that again. Maybe it’s something to do with Christmas short stories, who knows? It was amazing though, I love Jennifer Crusie.

New To Me

And, as you can see, my spending ban has not gone well. These are all Kindle purchases, one is my Kindle First book (Life and Other Near-Death Experiences) even though they are the books that take me forever to read. A couple are currently free for Kindle, so I have an inability to not get them (Coming in From The Cold, Emerge, and Balanced on the Blade’s Edge). And so really I’ve only purchased 3 books… plus a few that are coming in the post, but they’re not here yet, so I’m not counting them.

I am officially, from this week forward, attempting to stop buying books! Just for a few weeks, so I can get a handle on my TBR pile. I’m being honest this time. It will happen, I just have to stop book browsing in my freetime, which is sad because it is one of my favourite things to do.

Am I the only one who finds themself cleaning on their week off? And does anyone else find themself hoarding things for no logical reason and then having a big clear out every so often (not including books, of course)?
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