Ten Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

20 October 2015

I’m back for another Top Ten Tuesday, which is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week’s theme is what I’d wish for from the bookish genie. Now, I am going to tell you now, most of the things I would want from the bookish genie is for certain bookish things to be real… or basically for me to have gotten my Harry Potter acceptance letter when I was eleven and for all to be right with the world.


I would obviously wish for Hogwarts and the entire Harry Potter series to be real and for me to have gotten my acceptance letter. Or… if that is no longer possible, for my future children (purely hypothetical children which I don’t actually have) to receive their acceptance letters because at least than I can live vicariously through them to get to the wizarding world. I can’t be the only one who has that tiny hope for any children they may have.



And I would want to actually be sorted by the sorting hat, I know Hogwarts houses in no way define you as you can have traits which represent all the houses, but I want to know dammit! I obviously signed up for Pottermore (before the fancy redesign) and got sorted on there (I’m a Slytherin, in case you’re interested… no I am not planning on turning evil so stop asking) but it’s not the same as a magical hat having access to your mind and deciding for you based on what it can see from your mind, as opposed to you answering a bunch of random questions online.


Moving away from Harry Potter and onto my other bookish wishes… I really wish the Simon Snow series from Fangirl was real. I know that Carry On is the fanfiction Cath was writing for the Simon Snow series, and Simon Snow is very loosely based upon Harry Potter, but how could I not want the fictional books the fanfiction is based upon to have the full experience?


Any library ever from any book I’ve read would be appreciated, I mean, thinking about it, I would love to find out what my favourite characters are reading… because it is perfectly acceptable to judge people from the books they read.


Also… a chance to talk to a few bookish characters would also be great. I mean Cath would be an ideal bookish friend for me, did you see her passion for the Simon Snow books in Fangirl? I need a friend who gets that excited about reading!


And back to the library topic, I would really really like to have more book shelves. This isn't even a genie worthy wish, but it's what I would like. I need more bookshelves and I need the book genie to grant this wish because in reality I have absolutely nowhere to but them, so I need the book genie to create shelves that take up no space for my ever growing collection of books.


Why do books not come with pullout maps. Or a mini atlas? I can't be the only one who reads fantasy novels and wants a detailed map to understand where everything is. I'm still waiting for Marauder's Map of Hogwarts and I want a map of wizarding England as well.


I would like a perfect book memory. I am forever forgetting what's happened in a series when the next book is released so have to reread and whilst I love rereading it would be nice to remember stuff so I don't always have to.


I want someone to create books that don’t get battered in your bag and don’t weigh that much. I know, you’re all going to say that ereaders are a thing, and I know this and love my Kindle, but I love reading actual books as well. Sometimes you want to read a physical book (especially if said book has pictures or any maps so you can flick back and forth) and that’s just not convenient on an ereader. But then books take up space and I now hate nothing more than letting my books get battered on my journey to work.

Main_Page_ _Hogwarts_Gif

And my final wish from the book genie? Well, it’s difficult, but I want a bookish road trip of sorts. I would love to visit the places in my favourite books, to go to Paris and Prague and Australia and all across America, but also to Hogwarts and The Old Kingdom and various other fictional places. I would love to have a gap year of sorts visiting all these places (24 isn’t too old for a gap year, right?) because wouldn’t that be a once in a lifetime kind of journey? Although, I would like to visit my fictional places during peacetime, of course, it wouldn’t be as fun if I killed on my travels.


How about you guys, what have you been asking the book genie for? Tell me your thoughts about my wishes below.

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