Sunday Summary: 11.10.2015

11 October 2015

Sunday Summary
This week has been a complete failure in terms of blogging. I went back to work and gave myself a couple of days away from my blog because I was feeling run down. But then I’ve not even really looked at my blog and barely responded to comments, I most certainly haven’t managed to successfully write a blog post. Part of it is that I’ve been busy. It was my nan’s birthday Wednesday so that was an extremely full and exhausting day after work, but lovely because it was her 80th birthday. She received one card which listed significant events which happened in 1935 and one of them is the creation of the Kit Kat, how cool is that? Then it was a cousin’s wedding on Saturday so that was another thing that took up most of my day Saturday, or certainly all of my evening. It was lovely seeing my family, but also completely exhausting because I never cope well in social situations.

The other reason for my lack of blogging enthusiasm? Turns out I’ve been coming down with something. On Friday, I got to work and felt sick and spent the entire day making sure I didn’t throw up (fun day was had by all, obviously) so that probably explains my exhaustion. I probably shouldn’t have gone to my cousin’s wedding the next day, but I don’t cope well with doing nothing, and I am the worst person for being ill. I just try and function as normal until I literally can’t anymore. Whatever it is I have (knowing me, probably a cold I’m being overly dramatic about) I mostly just want to sleep all day, or drug myself up with paracetamol and ibuprofen and pretend I’m alright. Both are viable options, but the latter is probably more accurate of what I’ll do because I need to go to work tomorrow.

Basically, it has been a very looooooong week and I am exhausted. I will try to blog again next week. I have a few half written up reviews and I will respond to my comments soon. I miss reading what people have to say. And I am so behind on my blog reading and I want to comment but there aren’t enough hours in the day!

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Anyway, I know I said I would be going on a book buying ban, but it hasn’t been in anyway successful. The first four books I ordered from World of Books, which sells used books, and hopefully I will read those soon. Then my preorder of Carry On arrived (I’m extremely excited about) and it looks stunning. Everything about the book makes me happy, now I just need to begin reading. I treated myself to a couple of kindle books, The Emperor’s Edge (which was free) and The Young Elites (which wasn’t). And my final book I got this week? I was going to buy it, I saw everyone’s instagram pictures of the book and decided I would treat myself for Christmas. I had no intention of buying the illustrated edition of Harry Potter… but then it was for sale half price at Tesco and I would be stupid to say no to that wouldn’t I?

How does everyone cope when they’re feeling a bit under the weather? Am I the only one who pretends they’re alright during the day and then spends hours sleeping to recover? And has anyone else gotten copy of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter? Isn’t it just stunning?
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