Sunday Summary: 18.10.2015

18 October 2015

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So it turns out whatever I came down with last week was a little more draining than I initially thought. I literally wrote no posts last week and managed to get up one scheduled book review. Pretty poor all things considered. I’ve still powered through at work, but it’s very debatable whether or not I should have gone. Everyone in the office seems to have one ailment or another, though, so at least I can’t feel guilty about infecting others. It’s a case of everyone complaining together, I think other departments have treated us a bit like we’re in quarantine because a lot less people have stopped by to chat. All I seem to have done this week is worked and slept, not very exciting.


Sadly, my illness has meant I’ve barely touched my books as well this week, so not only has my poor blog been left neglected, but I haven’t even managed to read a bunch of books to make up for it! It’s probably for the best, though, because it means I also haven’t indulged in a bunch more books I haven’t had time to review. My backlog is getting a bit ridiculous, but I don’t want to not review any of these books.


What I’ve Been Reading



And you will all be so proud… I have successfully bought no books this week! I know, crazy right? It helps that I’ve barely touched a computer, so no browsing book sites, and the single time I went near a bookshop I managed to ignore the call from the books and didn’t enter (it was hard, but I managed). The only book that is new to me is Visions of Heat, but that was borrowed from the library so I can hardly count it.


I know very little of interest happened this week, but I wanted to show I’m still alive. But how has everyone else’s week gone? Has anyone else managed a small achievement like me, and why can there not be trophies in real life like there are in games?

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