Happy Thoughts // The Birthday Edition

26 February 2016

I see a lot of these happy thoughts posts on lifestyle blogs and I love the idea. Too often I can focus on the bad things, things worrying me and generally all the crap that I should just forget about. It’s nice to occasionally remind myself of the things which make me happy.
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What better time to kick off the Happy Thoughts post than on my birthday? The day where I am most likely to be thrilled by all the things and in a good mood anyway.


I love birthdays. I always have and always will. Even though I’m turning 25, and have been informed I’m getting old, I cannot help but love birthdays. What’s not to love? You get presents and cards, and, most importantly, cake! It’s a day celebrating how happy everyone is that you were born! I love my birthday and I don’t even care that it means I’m getting older, I still get ID’d so I don’t mind.

GoodReads App Barcode Scanner

This is a silly thing to make me happy, but I find it so satisfying being able to scan in my physical books onto Goodreads. It means I am practically guaranteed to have the right edition. Also, I find little things like that really satisfying. It’s fun scanning a book in and seeing your edition appear on screen. I’m pleased by little things.

Long Weekends

I have booked a few days off for my birthday (obviously) and I am loving the lie-ins.  I also love the fact I can go shopping and only have to worry about roving youths at lunch time and there are no crowds to speak of. Fancy spending all day reading in my pyjamas? Well… only if you insist. I love it.

Singing Along To Your New Favourite Song

I love music, I can barely cope with silence and I love to sing and dance. I can’t sing and dance well, but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment. It’s just great to find that really catchy song that makes you want to get moving and potentially sing into your hairbrush whilst getting ready in the morning.

New (Or Fresh) Bedding

Look, I have become a middle aged woman who gets excited about these things, okay? There is nothing nicer than putting fresh sheets on your bed, though. They smell fresh, they look pretty and it’s really nice to sleep in them. If I could I would have a maid to change my sheets every day because I really love sleeping in a freshly made bed, and it’s even better

And there is the list of things which are making me happy at the moment, what’s brightening your day at the moment?
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