Monthly Wrap-Up // February

29 February 2016

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I love February as my birthday is this month and the entire month has basically been build up to that fact. I’ve spent the month reading and attempting to get organised and I am wrapping the month with the delivery of a brand new bed so I can stop complaining to everyone I know about how my mattress is killing my back.

I haven’t listened to as much music because our office has gotten rid of the radio, but I have been better about saving the blog posts I really loved so I can link them for all of you to see.

Can’t Stop Listening

Walk Off The Earth // Hold On
Kimberly Anne // Hard As Hello
Imaginary Future // April

February Reads


February Posts

February Links

The Book Addicts Guide: It’s Hard To Say No
Of Dragons and Hearts: All The Hype
Downright Dystopian: Pottermore Houses
Confessions of a Book Geek: Is Bigger Better? & Part 2
Metaphors & Moonlight: Do You Read Prequels?
Books of Amber: An Epic Guide to Superpowers (because everyone needs a list of good superpower books, okay?)


How have your February's been? Read any good blog posts, written any good blogs posts? Let me know below.
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