Sunday Summary: 07.02.2016

07 February 2016

Sunday Summary
I am trying to write this Saturday before I go out tonight with one of best friends. It is currently pouring down with rain and the wind is going crazy and I am certain I am going to get soaked and possibly be miserable, but regardless it will be fun if a bit of a damp start to my night. Cocktails and dancing are a requirement after the week I’ve had at work.

Once more, a tale of woe about the workplace. Well, not of woe, of being overworked. We’ve been unlucky the past couple of weeks, one person got into a car accident and their back is hurt from the accident, so they're out while they recover. Someone else called in sick for the week, and we’re unlucky enough to have it all happen during times when people have booked holiday, our office is becoming a ghost town. This leaves everyone else trying to pick up the slack and cover for people, and we’re all a little exhausted, so my Saturday night is all about blowing off steam whilst I prepare for battle once more on Monday. Hopefully, people will be back in, but if they’re not I’ll be ready.

I’ve also begun a mission to watch all 9 seasons of The X-Files. It’s hard, there are so many episodes and 2 movies! This is going to take weeks. It will be worth it, though. It’s fun background TV to have on, sometimes the episodes are a bit dull and I can do other things (like blogging) at the same time, and other times I will be completely absorbed in the episode and can’t look away for anything. It’s good, I won’t finish in time for the new season airing here in the UK, but I’ll watch that some other time.

What I’ve Been Reading

I didn’t think I was going to end up finishing a book this week at the rate I was reading. I have been distracted with my attempt to watch The X-Files, so I cannot be blamed for my slow reading pace, but if I’m reading a book for more than three days I tend to get bored so I had to speed through finishing Heart of Steel and The Song of Achilles Friday night. Luckily, both books had gotten to really interesting points, so it wasn’t a hardship to do so. I then received a lovely gift of My Kind of Wonderful in the post from Headline Eternal and it immediately was the only book I wanted to read. It is wonderful, I really enjoyed the first book in this series and the second hasn’t disappointed either.

New To Me

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I am not going to apologise for the large collection of new books I have this week because they all make me happy. I told you last week I was going to get the second book in the Servants of Fate series by Sarah Fine when it was on offer, and it went on offer. I got my Robin Hobb book free for purchasing a Kindle book. Code Name Verity was me attempting to get over my World War prejudice in books, also, it was a Kindle daily deal. I bought The Darkest Part of the Forest and Half Wild because I was buying a book for someone else at the same time, and it’s silly to buy just one book. As for Rebel of the Sands and My Kind of Wonderful, both of those were freebies, one came in the post Friday and the other was a gift on NetGalley, who am I to turn these free books down? Then there were my ‘meant to be’ buys I got Saturday when doing my shopping, as soon as I saw The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet as part of a buy one get one half price offer along with Me Before You I knew I was meant to buy them. I’ve basically done my book buying for the year now, but I will not apologise for my lack of self-control.

How have your weekends been? Am I the only one who has suffered awful weather over the weekend? And am I the only person who finds themself making excuses to buy another book?
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