Sunday Summary: 14.02.2016

14 February 2016

Sunday Summary
I have spent my weekend freezing cold, wrapped in a blanket, watching copious amounts of The X-Files, reading books and shopping for a new bed online. It’s not exactly what you would call thrilling, but, with it being Valentine’s Weekend, I decided it was necessary. I was meant to be a lot more productive, buying an engagement card for a friend, going and seeing people, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, I ended having a week of romance reading, a nice little romantic film watch Sunday with a mad dash to write a review  on When Harry Met Sally (sorry, Kaja, I am unorganised… but my review will get posted in the morning).

My mini romance binge was inspired by my writing my Top Ten Tuesday post all about my favourite romance reads. I got it into my head to binge read a bunch of romantic books. They didn’t have to be romance, but they did have to feature a romance, even if that was not the focus of the book. It was also, in part, because I wanted to be reading Me Before You but didn’t want to risk taking it to working and becoming a sobbing mess (I’m told tissues are required). I began reading it Saturday night, I’ve barely touched upon the real meat of the story, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have read a lot of books this week. I began Everything Leads To You Sunday and then barely had the chance to finish it as I was busy throughout the week, but when I did I loved it. Then I read Walk The Edge, a book I’d received an ARC for and then was hesitant to read in case it didn’t meet expectations (it did, no worries). Then, my pre-order of Call Me, Maybe arrived and I decided to read that (it was so quick and fun. Coming in From The Cold is a book I got free a few months back on Amazon (when I realised the greatness of Sarina Bowen) and it satisfied a need and made me glad I was only contending with the UK cold. Finally, I began Me Before You and I’ve already told you I’m waiting to see how that one develops.

New To Me

If I was being really honest with you guys I would tell you I’ve actually gotten way more books than these few, but I don’t want to count the rest as they were all freebies I downloaded via Avon Impulse and Carina Press for Valentine’s Day. I blame Smart Bitches for those new books I downloaded, but they were all freebie purchases and so don’t count, right? Anyway, I’d already pre-ordered Call Me, Maybe, so that hardly counts as breaking the ban. What a Lady Craves and The Paper Swans don’t even hit the £2 mark for Kindle purchases, so they’re basically like one book. As for Beautiful Disaster, I decided to give the book another chance, so bought a used copy. If you’ve read it once it’s a reread and rereads aren’t breaking a ban. So, technically, I’ve been good with purchases.

And there is my bookish week. I am off to encourage all my friends to go see Deadpool and to weep into my latest book, as well as catching up on some blog writing and reading. It’ll be a busy pyjama Sunday for me.

Have you seen any good films lately, whilst we’re on the topic of films? And how do you deal with books you know will be emotional, I’m actually nervous about it?
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