Sunday Summary // 07.08.2016

07 August 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another look back at my week. This week I have been quite boring. It’s been all about seeing friends and sleeping. That is actually what my brain has revolved around. That and having to do all the work because practically half my office has been on their holidays this week so everyone has been busier than usual. I’m looking forward to taking a break next week.

Speaking of work you would not believe what happened to me at work this week!

I was first in the office, as usual, so I was opening the doors and turning the air con and basically getting things ready for everyone else to arrive when I opened the back door to the office I noticed a seagull out the back. Now, birds around the office aren't all that unusual, what was unusual was the fact the seagull didn’t move when I opened the door. I had a panicked moment of thinking I was going to have to sort out a dead seagull but then it moved its head. The poor thing had injured its wing.

Now, I am not the biggest fan of birds and seagulls have rather a large pointy looking beak so I was obviously waiting for assistance to arrive. Luckily for us, we have a girl in the office who likes exotic pets and has done some work experience at a vets office before. She took charge with picking the bird up putting it in a box with plenty of air holes and we sorted someone to take it the vets. That’s totally my good deed of the week. Even if my mom asked me later why I bothered saving it as seagulls are rats with wings (big rats with wings because pigeons are normal-sized rats with wings) but I didn’t let that get me down.

Reading wise I have been less productive, although I so have a few posts lined up and plenty of review books to get reading so fingers crossed I can continue being a good productive little blogger, even if the sun is making me feel lazy.

One new thing is I've started myself a new Tumblr to be a bit more book oriented to go with the blog. I will link it up on the sidebar soon but until then check it out (and if you want to put a link to you Tumblr below please do). It will be changing for a while because I am trying to decide on the best theme and sort things out but I welcome visitors always. I do have another Tumblr which I started at uni but I think it's about time that one was retired as it's not really 'me' anymore.

What I’ve Been Reading

Well, my reading week has had it’s ups and its downs. Torn was enjoyable but so aggravating I want to cry but thankfully I’ve finished it. The Body Electric was fantastic and I don’t know why I waited so long to read considering I bought it on my Kindle March last year! About a Girl was such a disappointing read and that upsets me because I invested in the whole series. Thankfully the other two books were physical copies so at least I can put those up for swaps (any takers?). I think this was one of Kelk’s reads which just wasn’t for me. It’s just one of those, isn’t it? Until Friday Night was also a disappointing read but more because I was expecting a sports romance and this was more of a teen angst fest. It was enjoyable but not what I went in expecting. The House In Quill Court is another surprising read, but this one is a good one. I've not finished so I won't say much yet but I am enjoying it.

New To Me

This week appears to have been a week for getting books I’ve already read. I have finally completed my physical Sarah MacLean collection. I hate the UK covers that are out there and so I have slowly been treating myself to the entire collection of trashy covers that you can’t help but love. I’ve not read two of the MacLean collection so I may complete my reread now in preparation for the next book being released at the end of the month! Then there is the Katie Fforde book, I read this a couple of years ago and enjoyed it so when I saw it as part of a Kindle daily deal I treated myself. It was fun. Who can resist fun books?

The other three books? They're NetGalley requests and reviews will follow in the coming weeks/months.

Well, I’m off to do some reading… or to watch TV. What have you been up to lately? Got any good animal rescue stories to put mine to shame? And have you been reading anything good you absolutely need to tell me about? Now is the time.
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