Sunday Summary // 21.08.2016

21 August 2016

Sunday Summary
It’s Sunday again (or, it’s Saturday when I’m writing this but it’ll be Sunday once you get to read it so we’ll say it’s Sunday shall we?). My week has gone so quickly and I think it’s because I’ve had to much to do! Work has been crazy busy because with all the extra work we’ve been given we’ve fallen behind and then I’ve been reading away and watching the Olympics and trying to catch up with friends and write blog posts and read blog posts and so now I feel like I need a day in my pyjamas. That is my plan for Sunday. When you’re reading this just know I am sat in my pyjamas enjoying another good book… or binge watching something on Netflix. Also, a lie in will be involved. Maybe I’ll sleep until midday. Who is gonna stop me?

I’ve not watched much Olympics this week, all the late nights had me falling asleep at work so I had to start getting some sleep. I’m sad it’s ending this weekend but I’m glad to get normal TV back and to stop watching sport. It’s like a complete reversal of my normal views on sport. I’ve actually enjoyed it and normally I’d leave a room rather than watch it.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve read some amazing books so far this week and I’m so glad. After finishing The Two Pearls of Wisdom I was sure I’d end up not being able to read anything until I had the second book in the duology, but then I read Iron Cast. Iron Cast was the perfect book for my mood and I’m glad I read, now to write a review for it! I then read another of the Cainsville books by Kelley Armstrong and Visions was even better than Omens. I adore Kelley Armstrong I am going to work my way through all of her books! I ended my reading week with Underwater. It’s completely different from everything else I’ve read this week and that’s made it refreshing.

New To Me

I have been very restrained with my buying of books, you’ll be impressed. I actually have only borrowed books from the library. I mean, I have books which are due to be delivered, but until they arrive I don’t own them, right?

How have your weeks been? Has anyone else found they have too many things to do and not enough time lately? I feel like Summer should be a relaxing time and that has yet to happen for me. I’ve got some annual leave coming up so maybe that will help.
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