Sunday Summary // 14.08.2016

14 August 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. Have we all had a pleasant week? Mine has been a bit all over the place, it’s been good but I honestly don’t know where my time has gone.

Where do I start with my week? I suppose we begin with the Olympics. Has everyone been watching? I have been completely caught up on the Olympics this time around. I love to watch the Gymnastics on TV because when I was younger I liked the idea of being a gymnast. As my mom says, I had half a dozen lessons and got bored. I have always been a bit adverse to hard work. Anyway, I have been watching a lot of Olympic gymnastics. At work we’ve been joking about how we’re watching for the excellent routines (which we are, sort of) but we know it’s also because we like watching the muscles on those men as they do their routines (honestly, it’s beautiful). So, yeah, I really love gymnastics it seems.

I have also been catching up on the DC movie-verse and have now watched Batman v Superman (it was not as bad as reviews made it out to be) and I went to the cinema to see Suicide Squad (I am fully in love with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn) and I’ve been enjoying it. I will never love DC as much as Marvel but they’re doing some good films and I will obviously keep watching them as they come out.
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There was some drama at work this week. We went in as usual Thursday and by the time I left I, along with everyone else with a key, had had their keys changed as the locks on all the offices were replaced. Supposedly someone went into the office at near enough midnight and some basic things had gone missing. No one seems to know exactly what happened but a change in keys was necessary.

I have also had some bookish drama this week as well. My Illumicrate arrived on Monday as did a book pre-order. I had pre-ordered the Waterstones exclusive copy of Nevernight and a copy of Nevernight also came in my little book box so I made the decision to return my fancy edition back to Waterstones. You would think that would be simple but I knew I couldn’t get to Waterstones until Saturday and I couldn’t get to posting it either, as I had to work, so I simply didn’t have the time. My mom works near Waterstones in Wolverhampton and she offered to take it after work. It should have been simple but they had a trainee on when she went to try and return it. Rather than saying to her they can send back to the warehouse or refund then if she had the card I paid on they just took the book and were insanely unhelpful and ended up taking my mom’s details in case they needed to speak to her about anything. She then got a phone call on the way home explaining the options (on a Friday when she wouldn’t be back in Wolverhampton until Monday) and a whole drama ensued about getting a refund sorted and whether I could get it returned but thankfully we resolved this Saturday and my money should be going back on my card (hopefully). Honestly, it’s enough to put you off pre-ordering books.

Shall we move on to the bookish portion of the post?

What I’ve Been Reading

It has been a slow reading week as I have allowed the Olympics to control my evenings but what I have been reading I’ve loved. I finished The House In Quill Court and have a review coming up on it. I then braved it and read This Savage Song and just can’t believe how much I adored it! How does Victoria Schwab do it? That woman has magic writing skills and I love her for it. I was so nervous about reading because I simply couldn’t face being disappointed by it. I then decided to reread my illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as I’ve been wanting to ever since I finished The Cursed Child and I can feel a need to read a vast amount of fanfiction brewing. I also began reading The Two Pearls of Wisdom (also known as Eon) and it's a lot to take in right now. There are so many things to know but I am learning.

New To Me

There is a very good explanation for this large number of books. Half were purchased and half are library reads. I got Nevernight and The Graces in my Illumicrate box, Reliquary was a Kindle daily deal I had to buy because I was very intrigued by this book a couple of months back. And The Potion Diaries was an impulse buy at WHSmith as it was on offer for £3.99 for the pretty Zoella copy, who can say no?

Then I took a trip to the library for some of my reservations. I’d reserved Trailer Park Fae (a book I was shocked they had) as well as Visions and Underwater. I was then browsing around as I have a long library wish list when I stumbled across The Two Pearls of Wisdom which is the adult edition of Eon by Alison Goodman. This book is literally nowhere on my local libraries system. When I went to scan it to borrow the book it wasn’t recognised and so I had to take it to the desk. They kindly let me borrow it but I have to take it back to the desk when returning so they can input it into the library database!

That is my week, how has yours been? Anyone had any strange moments at the library with books appearing out of nowhere (it almost feels like that Deborah Harkness book!)? And have you been enjoying the Olympics or do you avoid it all costs?
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