Sunday Summary // 28.08.2016

27 August 2016

Sunday Summary
I am in an excellent mood this weekend because it is not only a bank holiday weekend which means more time to see friends and family, but I also have the next week off of work and so I have lots of free time to read. I couldn’t be happier which is shocking considering how my week has been.

I am not going to go on at length about a bad week at work but it wasn’t the best week I’ve had in a while. My entire team has been having bad week for no specific reason, it’s just been dragging. I don’t think it helped that we had a bunch of negativity dumped on us Friday about our work so my working week ended on a sour note. This was pretty annoying because Thursday had actually made it seem like my week was turning around. I think I really needed the break from work and even that has been ruined slightly by the fact we’re behind with our week and I feel guilty that I’ve not done overtime this weekend to help everyone catch up but I have been looking forward to my week off from work for too long to go in when I don’t have to. Maybe that means I’m not a team player and I do feel bad but honestly the relief I felt walking out of the door Friday really signified my need for a break.

Enough about work, my time away will make my heart grow fonder. Honestly, I do enjoy going to work really I just really like to complain.

What have I been doing outside of work and reading? I spent my time putting up some pictures to make my room a little more homey and I’ve hung some fairylights. I’ll post a picture to my Instagram feed soon so you can admire it. It involved a lot of cleaning and vacuuming as well because I feel like I’m a hoarder with the amount of stuff I threw away. Honestly, how do we manage to get so much stuff?

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve done a whole heap of reading this week and I am insanely proud of myself. I have just been in the reading zone and I’ve fully embraced it. It’s not even like I’ve been spurred on by 4 and 5 star reads, I’ve just really enjoyed reading. I think my only book flop this week was The Gracekeepers and that was more because of my expectations than anything else. I mean, I’ve even managed to fit in two rereads! I couldn’t be happier with how much I’ve read, although I may have neglected blogging a bit in favour of books, but this is a book blog so it’s related.

New To Me

All I can say is it all went a bit wrong this week. I had a lot of books I’d ordered turn up and so it looks like I’ve gone a lot crazier than I have. Better World Books had an offer on a week or so ago and so I ended up with six books for under £12 and I’d be stupid to say no to such things, right? And then I’d treated myself to the first book in the Nadia Stafford series by Keeley Armstrong on Sunday and, well, I loved it and had to buy the next book in the series. And then there were a few sneaky Kindle purchases which happened, like Trust Me On This and Right of First Refusal and here we are. We all have weeks like this, right?

How has your week been? I’m not the only one who felt like work dragged, right? And why is it we get a bank holiday weekend in the UK and it ends up being a wash out? Explain this to me! Tell me all about books and things below.
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