Happy Thoughts // Hot Drinks And The Beginning of Autumn

17 October 2016

Happy Thoughts is all about me sharing moments of my life and reminding myself what’s keeping me smiling day to day because it is way easy to wallow. I haven’t done one of these posts since June! I wish I knew why but I just haven’t had much to say. So what is keeping my happy at the beginning of autumn then?

Hot Drinks And New Mugs

One of the things I love most about Autumn is the fact it’s finally time to drink as many warm drinks as you can and once more I can begin drinking hot chocolate on an evening. Many get excited for the Starbucks drinks coming out, I get excited about drinking hot chocolate whilst reading a good book.

In celebration of hot drink season I have also purchased a new mug, as seen above. It fully represents me and my attitude when I’m hungry. I’m a grouch without a cup of coffee in the morning and I’m a grouch when I haven’t had three meals a day. Food and coffee keep me happy so this mug is essential.

Discovering New Book Series To Love

In the past couple of months I have discovered so many books I love. I have found bookish favourites and new favourite authors and it has been awesome. One of the things I’ve most enjoyed, though, is the discovery of new favourite series. I discovered Kelley Armstrong’s various series but I have fallen head over heels for her Nadia Stafford series and I am adoring her Cainsville series as well.

The other series I have been loving lately is the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. It’s full on pulled me in and I’m obsessed. The only reason I’m not fully caught up on it is because I had to stop myself from reading more because it already forced me into a little reading slump. I don’t want to go into full on meltdown because of it.

New TV Shows Are Awesome

Are we all excited for all the new TV happening this Autumn? I love the ‘fall schedule’ in the US and all the new shows they bring out and I love all the new TV that starts here in the UK too. I’m thrilled Great British Bake Off is on TV (even if it’s the last series on the BBC). And I really enjoyed National Treasure which was on on Channel 4 (Robbie Coltrane has been amazing so far). And I absolutely cannot wait for the new David Attenborough documentary to start. That man is amazing.

It’s not just UK shows, though, I am loving the return of Lucifer. I cannot get enough of Pitch (because I love sport as long as it’s formatted in the form of TV, films, or books) and I am looking forward to so many more which are starting as well. I’ve watched the first episode of Designated Survivor and that was pretty fun. I am basically loving TV again which means I may read less but oh well.

What’s keeping you happy lately? Anyone got their favourite autumn drink, or a new series they love or a new show to watch? Tell me all below.
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