Sunday Summary // 30.10.2016

30 October 2016

Sunday Summary
Please explain to me how October is almost over? I don’t know where my month has gone. I do know it hasn’t gone into reading like I hoped. Instead, TV and films and social events and having a cold took over a bit this month and I feel a bit bad my plans for blogging have not been as successful as I originally planned. I do think this has been a month which has been long and short, though. As has this week for me so let’s see what I’ve done (very little in case you want the short story).

What have I done this week? Not that much, really. I was recovering from my weekend away Monday, so was catching up with shopping, blogging and all that boring stuff I’d been putting off doing. Then with the rest of my week, I’ve just been keeping busy doing things. I mean, we were in a rush to finish things off at work for the end of the month and we’ve been trying to clear all of our work off of our desks so yeah, I’ve been busy and exhausted from that.

I had a training course to go to on Wednesday for work in Leamington Spa at one of our other offices so I had to get up early for that and catch the train over there. Annoyingly the training course didn’t even last half a day so I then had to grab a lift back to my office on the other side of Birmingham and go back to work for the afternoon. That was a long and exhausting day which ended with me watching GBBO because who wasn’t watching?

My mom has been away this weekend, she’s off visiting one of her sister’s down in Bristol so my stepdad and I have been left to fend for ourselves. We’ve had to sort our food out and do the cleaning. That means I’ve had to so the cleaning as he is off at work today. Honestly, I’ll be glad to spend the rest of today in my pyjamas reading. I deserve it! I need the break.

Also, for Rowena who requested a picture of the new haircut (as mentioned last week) please see below picture. This is me make up free and very tired having a terrible selfie. Enjoy. And yes, that is two towers of books in the background. I really need to get reading again.

What I’ve Been Reading

It’s been another slow reading week for me. I’ve not even finished two of the books on here. I read Holiday With A Twist in a couple of days (which is a really long time for a novella that should take a couple of hours to read, tops). I then found no motivation to read anything until I picked up The Heist on Friday night/Saturday morning. I won’t say my reading mojo is back but that book is definitely hooking me in and getting me to want to read. I’ve also started reading Because Of Miss Bridgerton because Danya proposed a readalong and I will do anything to jump start my reading mojo again.

New To Me

Only two books were bought this week, and one of those was all Danya’s fault so really I only bought one, which is a success in my books. The Disengagement Ring was on sale for 99p for Kindle and I loved Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy so I’ve decided I must buy up all of her books for some reason.
I actually forgot to include my review copies last week as I was in a rush to get the post up so I’ve a double dose of some of the ARCs I’ve gotten lately. I received a finish edition of To Love and To Cherish to be read soon. I got a couple of Christmas books, one I’ve read and Christmas Joy is to be read shortly. And then I got The Sun Is Also A Star which I don’t actually remember requesting on NetGalley but I know I wanted to read it so I must have done. I need to improve my memory.

And that is my week. How has everyone been? Is it strange that I’m already getting to read Christmas books and it’s not even December? 
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