Sunday Summary // 09.10.2016

09 October 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. For once, I am actually writing this on a Sunday morning because I spent my Saturday at a family party. I usually spend Saturday afternoons blogging away and catching up on blog posts and comments so it was a little disconcerting to get home in the evening and then have to find some motivation for blogging. It doesn’t help that I’ve been popping paracetamol and throat sweets like candy as I have a bad throat and lingering cold making me feel like utter crap. I will not let that stop me reading and blogging, though. Even if it means I am not getting quite as much sleep as I need to recover.

As I said, this week has ben filled with family things and birthdays. It was my nan’s birthday on Friday so I spent Saturday morning visiting her and just spending time with her. That was nice, even if she did relegate my great uncle's flowers to the hallway when my brother brought a bouquet for her. I then had to go to a second cousin's birthday, it was his seventieth and he was celebrating at a local brewery that has a bar over it. That was a nice afternoon, I am not a beer drinker but I got to try a couple of ciders I’ve never tried before. It did nothing to help my throat day drinking and not taking any of my self-prescribed drugs. I am regretting it now, but there is little I can do except curl up and do some reading.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve had a reading week filled with really good reads, and that is a rarity. I took it into my head to start catching up on the Spindle Cove series this week and began reading Any Duchess Will Do (and adored it). I then decided that Lord Dashwood Missed Out would be a good read as my cold hit and I was under the weather so a short read was fitting, unfortunately, that led me to have to purchase Tessa Dare’s latest release because I needed more of her writing. Each of her books was utterly satisfying in ever way and I really want to review them but I don’t know how.

I then ended my reading week with The Thinking Woman's Guide To Real Magic and all I can say is wow! That book ticked all my boxes and surpassed all expectations and I adored every second of it. It was amazing and want to thrust it into everyone’s hands and make them read right now. It's a book that I must have added to my to-buy list about three years ago and I am so glad I finally got around to reading it.

New To Me

For once, my shopping doesn’t shockingly outweigh my reading. I am impressed with myself. I treated myself to that Rhoda Baxter book because I wanted to read it after listening to her Smart Bitches chat on the podcast. I had pre-ordered the illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets and it is stunning. I received a copy of the latest Shalvis book for review (yay! Thank you Headline Eternal). I bought the latest Tessa Dare book because I simply couldn’t stop myself and I received my pre-order of Blood for Blood too.

I am off to hide under the covers and drink Lemsip I think. How has your week been? Anyone read anything good, or read a book that’s been on their TBR forever and absolutely adored it?
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