Sunday Summary // 16.10.2016

16 October 2016

Sunday Summary
I am still run down with something. Who knows what? It’s like a cold that wants to linger. Luckily, I am feeling well enough to be out and about and doing things. I may not be 100% but really, I can work at 75% and still feel alright.

On from illness (which is boring) and on to more interesting things of this week. We have had a whole heap of birthdays at work (three in a row, it’s ridiculous) and one of them decided that they wanted to go out for a meal with everyone from work to celebrate. He’s turning thirty and so he wanted to be able to celebrate with people. We went for a curry straight from work and it was surprisingly fun. We had a laugh and I didn’t even have to resort to drinking to make it through! Annoyingly, we have another work meal to go to next week with people from head office which may not be as fun, but at least that one will be paid for.

I decided to treat myself this week. I have been ranting to everyone I know about my old little tablet (a Nexus 7 which has served me well) complaining at how slow it has gotten. I like having my tablet to carry around, browse the internet and play games and the poor thing can just do none of those things well anymore. I decided to invest in a new tablet. I spent days looking at reviews and comparisons and I wanted to stay with android but since the best tablet on android are either the Pixel C (way overpriced) or Samsung tablets (I have an irrational hate of Samsung that isn't even linked to their phones randomly catching fire) I had to admit I may have to abandon my love for all thing Google. I have bought myself a little iPad mini! I am not a huge lover of Apple, they hike up their prices for no reason and it's annoying, but I admit they build good quality stuff that tends to keep going for a while. My mom loves the iPad we bought her for Christmas so I got myself the same. I think I'm in love with it. It works so well! I know it's partially because I'm comparing it to my old Nexus which was on its last legs, but even so, it's amazing! It does mean I cannot justify buying any more books for the rest of the month but I don't care (or I do, but not right now).

I also have come strange things happen to me this week which I thought were fun and hilarious and absolutely needed to share with you but sometimes I can't figure how to move on to discussing them smoothly, so here's a list:
  1. I decided on the perfect Halloween costume for myself. I am not a fan of fancy dress but my best friend is adamant I need a costume. She is enamoured with going as Harley Quinn (I know, this is what Suicide Squad has done for folks) so she needs me to dress up too. I decided on Daria! I am sarcastic and apathetic too many a thing and Daria is the perfect costume for me.
  2. As I write this I am currently staring out into the garden because we appear to be suffering a ladybird infestation! I count eight on my window. I’ve Googled and they are trying to find a place to hibernate but currently they flying all over my garden.
  3. And finally, I have come to a shocking realisation about myself. I was incredibly upset to learn that my feet are different sizes! I bought a pair of shoes for work and the one I tried on fit fine.  I tried on the shoes at home and walked around and turns out my other foot is smaller. Every step it slips off. It’s awful. How have a spent twenty-five years not realising I have different sized feet? I need to contemplate this life issue. I may only wear shoes with laces from now on.

What I’ve Been Reading

Well, I did a lot of re-reading this week. I began by reading the story stories in The Girl In the Mirror, they were cute and I’m a bit upset that they weren’t longer. I then read the new Illustrated Harry Potter and I loved it. It’s such a beautiful books. I then began How To Find Love In A Book Shop thinking it would fill a couple of hours and then I read it in a day and really enjoyed it. It was a charming read and I have a review brewing. I decided to reread Act Like It and adored it. I may have only read it about 6 months ago but it was just as good second time around. I then have continued with the romance theme with Just a Girl and For Better Or Worse. Sadly, I tried to read Pantomime and ended up abandoning it. I was not in the mood for it and it has been returned to the library.

New To Me

I have been a bit more restrained with my buying. I bought just three books this week and they are above. Beautiful Wreck was an impulse buy of sorts. I read the first few pages on my Kindle and liked it so decided to invest. As for Just A Girl, I already read that and enjoyed it. It was 72p on Kindle and I couldn’t say no. Ellie Cahill always writes fun contemporaries, even if they are not always amazing. And then there was Bittersweet for 99p because I couldn’t say no. I have a little bit left of an Amazon gift card so I’m trying to get a bit more selective with what I spend it on. I did take a trip to the library, though, so let’s see those books too.


As you can see, it was a bit of a romance haul this time. I have been wanting to read a few of these books for a while. I almost borrowed Claimed last time I was at the library but was embarrassed by the cover. Then I decided 'screw that' as I regretted not borrowing it so, this time, I knew I needed to borrow it (annoyingly it then went on offer at £1.99 on Kindle, typical). I decided to read a couple of Jennifer Probst books as I do have one on my shelf waiting to be read. And as for the Janet Evanovich book? I was intrigued and so when I saw it on a shelf I figured why not? It’s not like I’m paying for it.

And that is my week. Anyone had any weird discoveries? And is anyone else planning to dress up for Halloween and if so what as? As always, tell me about books below and if you can recommend what to read next from the above please say.
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