Sunday Summary // 23.10.2016

23 October 2016

Sunday Summary
Hi, all! Welcome to a late edition of Sunday Summary. Hopefully, I will actually have this published on Sunday. I am actually writing it on a Sunday, which is an unheard of circumstance. I’ve literally walked through the door at 7pm after an overnight trip to Essex and I’ve gotten typing.

I’ve had a bit of a busy week this week and have barely touched my blog or books! I’ve spent the beginning of the week feeling indifferent to half the books I’ve started. I tried to read so many things and just couldn’t get excited or interested to read them. I didn’t actually successfully start reading a book until Wednesday which is a travesty for me! I’ve just been stuck in a rut and it’s left me wanting to avoid blogging even when I have had some free time.

I’ve been socialising with work folks getting food and chatting at the beginning of the week. It was really nice, especially as I got into an intense TV chat with the new girl at work and it was so lovely. She actually told me the next day that it was nice to just talk with someone new about these things as she is new in the area and has yet to make any friends around here and I just wanted to give her a hug! I am terrible at meeting and talking with new people as I am a bit awkward when it comes to small talk but it was nice to not have to try and dig around for shared interests with someone at work for once and have a very easy conversation with someone. It’s not often I get to geek out over something which isn’t books, you know? So that was a really great start to the week.

I then have being other friends outside of work and preparing for my overnight trip at the weekend. I was stressing about getting a birthday present in time for Saturday to take with me as it was a friend’s birthday who I’ve known since the beginning of secondary school and I had to find something good. I was also nervous to go down as it was with a bunch of other people I don’t know and I’m terrible at social occasions. Luckily, my best friend was driving down so I went with her so I knew at least one other person there. It was a really nice evening of chatting casual drinks and having fun. There were a couple of minor dramas but fun was had all around. I’m glad I went and I’m even happier I don’t have work in the morning. Air beds are not comfy and me and my bed have plans to have a lie in tomorrow.

I also forgot the other exciting news. I got my haircut on Friday! I’ve been meaning to have it cut properly in a while and as I booked Friday off of work as well I thought I should actually do something productive with my day so called the hairdressers. I had several inches cut off so my hair is about at my shoulders and it looks so much better. I’m so glad I got it done. It looks good enough that I’ thinking I should try and get it cut regularly to keep it at this length. I even had a really nice hairdresser who didn’t force small talk but was friendly and managed to have enough none awkward conversations to get us through the half-hour haircut. That is a rarity for me so I will have to go back.

What I’ve Been Reading

As I said, I was struggling to settle on something to read at the beginning of this week. I tried Claimed ad The Heist which I got from the library last week. And even began one of my ARCs and just couldn’t settle into any one book. Eventually, I began reading Beautiful Wreck and some how got drawn in by the really pretty writing. It did drag on occasion as there are quite a few pages and I have been busy doing other things but it was a really enjoyable book. I then decided to reread Bet Me because if some Jennifer Crusie re-reading can’t get me out of my reading rut there is little hope for me. Basically, you can see by my reading it’s been a bad week.

New To Me

Yeah, I kind of feel I’ve been buying books to try and inspire me to get reading and it just hasn’t worked. I get like this sometimes and I wish I knew how to get out of it. I’m thinking I’ve just got to start committing to books and hope for the best.

Has anyone else figured a good way out of a reading rut? And please recommend books to me below. Also, aren’t weeks where you’re overly business just so nice? I’ll feel less guilty about being lazy next week now.
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