Sunday Summary // 20.11.2016

20 November 2016

Sunday Summary
I thought about talking about work in this post, but honestly, I’d be repeating stuff from last week. Let’s just say it’s still a bit tense and it still looks like we’re going to be losing at least one member of our team.

One work related thing which is nothing to do with work and everything to do with my commute, though. Can I just say buses are the worst! I was late to work Monday as my bus was half an hour late. How does that happen? I do not know but I felt like throwing all my toys out of the pram and just going back to bed Monday morning but I knew that was crazy and irrational. I took my lateness on the chin and made up the time and then wrote the bitchiest angriest email to my bus provider to explain themselves. I’m still waiting on a response. They’re about as fast as their buses are. And the buses have been just as rubbish all week. I’m beginning to walk more and managing to beat the bus I’m waiting for.

Some might say the solution to my problem would be to learn how to drive but I just have no strong motivation to. If you think you can convince me of the joys of driving please try in the comments. I do sometimes think it should probably be a skill I possess even if I don’t have a car.

Let’s move on to more fun things. Let’s talk about the fact I have to wait two weeks for the next episode of Pitch and the fact that ending happened (no Mike, what are you doing? Don’t do it!) and the trailer for the next episode! My little fangirl heart is flailing over it and I seriously cannot wait even though it will be December before it’s out! It looks so good, though. Like amazingly good. I just can’t even. I am a Bawson fangirl through and through and it is just perfect. And also, can we discuss how Livan is just an awesome little Cuban angel that I adore have he was all full of himself before. And just ugh, all of it. I am loving that show it better come back next season Fox otherwise I will never forgive you. We’ve still not gotten past that whole Firefly debacle so don’t renew my grudge against you!

I haven’t really done much else, though. I preordered Pokémon Sun which doesn’t get released in the UK until the 23rd of this month so I am eagerly awaiting that release. Also, I only learnt this week there were no gym badges this time around! That’s going to be weird but I’ve heard good things so we shall see. Yes, I know, I still play Pokémon at 25 years old. Don’t judge.

I have started getting serious about Christmas shopping. I’ve got a shopping trip planned for my weekend off. I’m going to be shopping on Black Friday (I know, brave) it’ll probably be a busy shopping day but as it’s not a holiday weekend in the US I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. If it is I’ve recently been told Costa has a pretty epic festive menu going on. I mean they have Lindt hot chocolate and a honeycomb latte so I’m escaping there is it all goes wrong to help power me through. And apart from that shopping trip I’ve also got some other gifts ordered online. I won’t reveal what in case family and friends snoop at the blog but they are pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

What I’ve Been Reading

It was a slower reading week this week. I finished The Bear and the Nightingale on Sunday night and fell in love, even though I can’t ignore the obvious flaws from the beginning. I then turned to a fun read in the form of The Chase and that delivered perfectly. It was a light fun read that you don’t take seriously and I finished it quickly. I couldn’t think of any good reason not to start reading Lyrebird and once I got going with it I didn’t want to put it down. I know Ahern has a struck a couple of bum notes with some of her past books (I liked them but I didn’t love them) but this one demonstrates her skill in writing because I was enchanted. I then read The Trouble With Mistletoe and it was the perfect fluffy read. It was just utterly lovely and it was like a big old fluffy blanket on a cold Saturday so I didn’t leave the house.

New To Me

Okay, hands up all those impressed by my book buying restraint. In fact, one of these books is a preorder so I hardly think it counts as book buying and really I know investing in a book which is part way into a series is stupid but I had to buy the Kleypas book, it was on offer and I’ve heard so much about her books and this book that I couldn’t help myself. No more books now (maybe).

And there is my week. Anyone else left a little lost with the two week wait for another episode of Pitch? Or is there any other show that has just left you flailing lately? And has anyone else taken to roaming their house wrapped in a blanket because cold weather has taken over or is that just me?
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